Chapter 16 - 15:10 Bradford, UK

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Chapter 16
Date: April 7th 2018
Time: 15:10pm
Location: Zayn's terrace house in Bradford

One fairly calm week slipped by swiftly, Zayn hadn't noticed how fast it had went by until he awoke and checked his phone seeing it read April 7th. Already? where did the time go?

Sitting up in his very own nice warm bed Zayn took a minute to fully awake as he refreshed his memories of his return, his wild family reunion and the time he wasted sleeping not once thinking of the Alpha he had fallen in love with back in Los Angeles....that all was good until now.

Unknowingly Zayn fluttered his eyes closed entering into the world that now only existed in his memories.

Those bright red swollen lips, sparkling mocha eyes, damp messy brunette locks, low husk yet soft voice, that gorgeous heart shaped birthmark on his sweaty neck and those strong muscular arms...he was truly a forbidden fruit that Zayn was not allowed to even look at but instead like Adam and Eve he gave into the temptation and took a bite.

It forever changed his life and his punishment was far worse than Adam and Eve's. He was left with a shattered broken heart but that was by his own fault so why was he complaining?

' " "You make me so fucking happy." '

Zayn could still feel that warm breath on the nape of his neck, it was like embedded there and only now he noticed it.

Down his cheek a tear left a trail of his sorrow and fell onto his blanket leaving him painfully empty again. "You only knew him for a week." Zayn desperately tried telling himself out loud but that meant nothing to his heart.

Love had know sense in time. When it chose, it chose. That's how love at first sight worked, with destiny working alongside.

For some destined couples it took time so they could get work out the challenges and become immune while with others they did have that love at first sight moment but later they'd be ripped apart, only so they could work on finding eachother again.

It was weird really and well for Zayn that was his understanding from what he knew from his friends and family and now his own experience.

' "Love is unpredictable." '

Zayn remembered Liam's very words, again he couldn't agree more. Now here he was back in his home country with his family, all the people who loved him so very much yet Zayn felt empty still. They couldn't fill in that hole that Liam had.

"I'll get over him." Yeah it was easy saying that but inside he knew he wouldn't. He had already sworn to himself not to be knotted by any alpha. Liam was the first and the last man to do that to him. Never ever again would he allow another man to fill him up.

Jesus, he was obsessing too much. He had to stop and forget like he was able to do the whole week he had returned but it was impossible, the shell had broken and now his emotions where crashing down on him like a wave.

Zayn wiped his tears away holding back his urge to burst out in tears. Though his emotions were all over the place he somehow was able to control them enough to keep them within.


Taking his phone off the charger on his night stand Zayn unlocked it and read the message that happened to be from his freaky ass American neighbor.

Gigilo 🙅🏻‍♂️
Heyo cutie, it's afternoon what are you still doing inside? I'm still waiting for ya to hang with me btw ☹️

Annoyed Zayn clicked off his phone. Every single day since he had returned home Gigi his neighbor constantly messaged him begging him to hang out but Zayn refused to.

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