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This is an intro chapter but not really a prologue.

I pace my small room nervous, scared, and very worried. My light brown wings gently graze the wall as I unnoticeably got closer to it. I jump. Looking around my recording room I sigh.

He is going to hate you.



How could anyone love you?




I wince at my own thoughts and feel something warm run down my cheek. Raising my hand gently and placing my fingertips down the small path it had made I feel the warm wet tears. I didn't even notice I was so worked up. But, who wouldn't be with a secret like mine that my best friend doesn't even know. I am so screwed.

I make my way downstairs and sigh. How am I going to tell him? Or, anyone, for that matter. Hell, I am surprised I told my family when I did. Not only am I gay, but I am a fucking fallen angel! My mother already knew I was an angel, but she didn't tell anyone. Ma, I love ya, but you could have made that part of coming out to the family easier.

I tuck my wings under my shirt again and go to the kitchen. It was dark but I could see by the light of the moon coming through the window. I open the fridge, pull out a yogurt then close the fridge again and go to get a spoon.

Once I have finished my yogurt I throw away the container and place the spoon in the sink. Looking at the clock I read the time. 3:56am. Well, I should probably get back to editing. I start to head back up to my recording room and sigh slightly seeing my open photoshop screen. I forgot I was done editing and was now making my video's thumbnail. I smile a little and sit at my desk and continue to make the thumbnail perfect for the video and just the right amount of fucking random.

Once done I look at the clock at the bottom right of my screen and groan. 6:32am. I spent another night editing and creating a thumbnail. What is this, the 5th night I have done this now in a row? Oh well can't fix it now. I sigh as I scoot my chair away from my desk and stand pushing my chair back to its spot after saving the thumbnail.

I promised Matt that we could play a game together today so I may want to get some coffee in my system. I hum softly and tiredly as I waddle my way downstairs and to my kitchen. I go to my coffee machine and start setting it up to make myself the heavenly dirty bean water but my mind drifts to one thought that I can't seem to shake.

Should I tell him today?

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