A Life-changing Meeting Part 3

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Sooo sorry this took so long, I've been super busy and I've been procrastinating 😂. This is the final part of "A Life-changing Meeting". Hope y'all enjoy. Please comment & vote!

You had waited over a year since the Fellowship left Lothlorien. Despite everything, you never forgot the wonderful elf prince that decided to court you. Your love was still burning deeply, and not a day passed by where you didn't think of him. You sighed, lounging on your comfy bed and looking up at the ceiling. You stayed like this for a couple minutes until there was a loud knock on the door.


I imitated the gruff voice of an elf guard, "Visitor for Y/N!" As I heard a moody 'ughhh' and Y/N marching to the door while grumbling, I tried not to snicker. As the doorknob started moving, my heartbeat started going crazy. As the door opened, I spoke bowing obnoxiously, "Greetings, Princess Y/N." I smiled when I stopped bowing, and I chuckled as I saw Y/N's face light up like a brilliant star.

"LEGOLAS!" she squealed, jumping on me and wrapping her arms around my neck as her legs curled around my waist.

I securely supported her and smiled after I kissed her forehead, "Y/N... I missed you so much."

"I missed you too, Legolas," she grinned up at me, kissing my cheek. She then sighed, staring up at the bruises on my face from all of the fighting in my adventure. Y/N gently stroked my cheek, "I'm so glad your back... I was so worried."

When I set Y/N down, I smiled, taking out the moon necklace that she gave to me, "I always kept you in mind, Y/N. With you as my motivation, I had to keep going."


I had stayed around a month at Lothlorien. As I strolled around the halls, I breathed shakily. This was the day. This was the day I was going to ask for Celeborn's permission to marry his beautiful daughter. I really hope he'll say yes... He seems kind of strict. But I really love Y/N, and I need to do this.

I held my breath as I reached the door to Celeborn's room. Gathering all of the courage inside of me, I knocked at the door. There was silence. Then I heard the sound of footsteps. The door jerked open and I spluttered out my words as I bowed.

"Uhhhh-Celeborn! Howareyou-"

"Come in," Celeborn flatly cut Legolas off. Legolas' eyebrows fluttered up in surprise as he stepped inside the room. It was very elegant. It had smooth wooden tables and comfy, blue couches and chairs.

As if a switch flipped, Celeborn's behavior turned from stern to remarkably casual.

Celeborn sighed, gesturing his arm towards a chair, "Sit down, Legolas." As I sat down, Celeborn plopped in a chair of his own and slouched. "So what do ya want?" Legolas' eyebrows rose in surprise.



"I want to marry your daughter!" Legolas blurted out. His pupils widened as he realized how obnoxious he was.

"Ohohohohohooohh, demanding now, aren't we?" Celeborn laughed aloud.

"-Celeborn, I am so so sorry, it's just-"

Celeborn waved his hand in dismissal of what Legolas was going to say, "Do not think that I have not noticed your feelings for her, Legolas. The way you look at her, the way you smile with her, the way you laugh together... A blind dwarf could tell that you two are smitten with each other. But, I suppose, I should ask you why you want to marry her."

"Why?" Legolas' eyes shimmered at your name, his mouth widening into a smile of pure joy, "Because she's everything I could've asked for and more. She's more beautiful than any creature that has walked the lands of Middle Earth. The way the moonlight glimmers on her hair, the sound of her soothing voice, the beautiful ring of her laugh... I just can't help myself from being enraptured by it. She's so comforting and so sweet. She cares so much for others. I want to stay with her and make her life even more beautiful than it already is."

Celeborn's eyes watered as he blinked back tears, "That's amazing. Who am I kidding! Marry her, marry her! She's already rejected so many elves. There must be something special with you, Legolas," laughing and shaking his head, Celeborn got up and nudged Legolas out the door.


As I walked through the Lothlorien gardens, I heard a pattering noise. I tilted my head and my ears towards it, and realized that it was footsteps. Out of a corner came the love of my life, Legolas.



Legolas laughed, swooping me up bridal style and looking into my lively e/c eyes.

"Where have you been, I've been looking for you everywhere?!" I exclaimed with a smile as I leaned my head against his sturdy shoulder.

"Oh, nowhere. Just looking for the love of my life."

Oof this was horrible. I'm soooooo sorry this took long; I've been busy lately. I hope everyone at least liked it a bit though. Please comment and vote and PLEEEAASSE request. I have no requests, so if you request something it will get done fast. Thanks for everything!

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