Knuckles and Rouge

Start from the beginning

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Cause I'm

Missing more than just your body

An I don't x4

No I don't, it's true

No I don't x4

Want anybody else but you

You say you can't live without me

So why aren't you dead yet?

Why you still breathing?

You say you can't live without me (How can I sleep when you're out there)

With all my love?

I've become so numb

I can't feel you there

Become so tired

So much more aware

But you'll never be alone

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

Baby, I'm right here

I'll hold you when things go wrong

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

I'll be with you from dusk till dawn

Baby, I am right here

The way that Knuckles and Rouge were looking at each other and panting made it look more like a battle than a duet. After a couple of seconds, they both started laughing while everyone was clapping. They both looked at the teacher with their arms around each other.

"This seemed more like a competition instead of a song," I could see Knuckles grip tighten when the teacher said that. "And that made me love it even more! You two are in!" Everyone cheered again while that walked off the stage. Everyone congratulated them while they were walking in the halls. They seemed to be getting closer than usual, I'll ask them about it later.

I saw Shadow, Sonic, and Silver walking to their next class. I ran towards them before they made it in the room. "Wait, guys! I forgot about something!" They all looked at me very confused. Well, Shadow and Silver did, Sonic kinda looked frozen and somewhat nervous. I gave them all a hug one by one before I said goodbye and ran off to my next class.

I hope that he got it before I left.

Sonic's POV

"What was that all about?" Sliver asked. "She's really giddier today." I nodded along with Shadow.

"I heard the girls talking about some kind of 'Spa Day' on Friday," Shadow said, using air quotes. "Maybe that had something to do with it."

"Yeah, maybe." I scratched the back of my neck until I felt something folded in my jacket collar. I grabbed whatever it was to find a folded up slip of paper. I opened it up to see Amy's handwriting.

'I saw you glaring at the boys when I told them to come over some time. You can stay over tonight if that makes you feel better.'

"Hey, what's that you got there?" Shadow asked making Silver look too.

I quickly hid the paper in my pocket. "N-nothing! Go to class without me, I-I'll catch up with you two in a sec." They looked at me confused but shrugged their shoulders and walked off. I let out a sigh and took out the note again. I read it again and noticed that there's more.

'And by the way, you look adorable when your jealous~'

I just held my breath until I couldn't anymore. Was I really jealous over my friends for the girl that was so desperate and needy for my attention in the past? I may just be going crazy, I mean, she probably already found someone to love. Just because she's cute now doesn't mean I should like her now...


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