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"Are you helping these 'heroes'?" he spits out, and you ponder briefly about how you can hear the quotation marks in his words. "If he hears about this, he'll--"

"--he'll do nothing," you interrupt, smirking slyly. Behind Stain, you see Todoroki and his friend whispering to each other, clearly confused. You give them what you hope is a 'hey-you-can-trust-me-i-think' smile, but knowing you it probably seemed like the opposite. "He hates your guts, y'know. In fact, he'll probably be grateful to me, for stopping you from taking the spotlight he so desperately craves."

The two of you just watch each other for a while, a smile that didn't quite reach your eyes plastered on your face, an annoyed and almost angry expression on his. The hero killer grips his blade harder.

Broccoli yells out to you. "Look out--!"

Stain launches himself at you, and in response, you burst into flames.

With a quick flick of the wrist, you cut his sword in half, the metal melting like butter. You send him a kick for good measure, and he dodges by leaping back, snarling at your form covered in fire.

Shit. Your smile has long since disappeared, replaced by a pained grimace. Your friend was right--it hurts like hell. The flames lick at your skin, eating away at it, burning all it could. In response your body only heals itself, replacing any burnt parts with new flesh, and it makes sure you felt every part regrowing and dying, an endless cycle of pain that could only repeat itself.

I hate this damn Quirk.

"The pain will only get worse the more you drag it on," Stain hisses. "Give it up, [L/Name]."

You laugh, throat scratchy. "I will, soon," you say, voice hoarse, as you force your face into a pained smile. "But I'm taking you down with me, you damned villain."

It takes you less than a second to reach him, and the moment you touch he bursts into flames too.

The screams don't affect you too much anymore. When they stop, so does the fire.

The pain disappears almost instantly, and you sigh in relief. The corners of your lips tilt back up into your easygoing grin. You turn to the four males--one who you recognized to be Midoriya--and laugh.

"Who are you? Why did you help us?" Todoroki asks suspiciously, moving forward slightly as if to protect the other three. You ignore him completely, instead shooting them a question of your own.

"You guys good?" you ask with a thumbs up.


You barely got out of there. You had sprinted as fast as you could into a building not too far, but not close enough for anyone to find you easily, before climbing up to the roof.

You bend over, hands on your knees, as you gasp for breath. "Fuck," you curse out loud. You hadn't known the pro-heroes would get there so quickly. It was already risky that Native had seen your face.

Still breathing heavily, you position yourself into a comfortable sitting position. After finally collecting yourself, you toss your legs carelessly over the edge and peer at the scene below. You pull out your cell phone--not a burner one, like the one you had used to call your friend, but an expensive smartphone with a high-quality camera you had gotten just for this. Your signature grin returns, and you swing your legs happily, raising your phone to get a clear shot.

Sometimes you wonder if you're too excited for this, but you brush it off easily. You simply can't wait--you wonder what kinds of people will come and join. People are fun, puzzles made not to be put together but to be picked apart, piece by piece, until you have unraveled everything about them. Everyone is different--no two people will react in the exact same way to something, and the thought alone makes you giddy with delight. You want to know every single one of those variations, to understand them so deeply you could know exactly what they would do before they themselves did.

Stain had been interesting, definitely. But greed knows no bounds.

"Say cheese~ Stain."

Your laughter is unheard by the heroes below you, as they shake in fear at the aura of the infamous hero killer and his next words. You mouthed along, as if it was a song you had come to memorize after listening to it several times, as if you knew what the words were before they were even said.

"The only one allowed to kill me is the one true hero, All Might!"

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