Drunk dumb arse.

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We look a like but we're not even the same person !


[Y/b/n- your brother's name.]

Y/n pov

I laid in bed crying my eyes out hugging my pillow feeling like my heart is all over the floor and this time no one will be there to pick it up.

"You're a mess." I heard my brothers voice causing me to look at him and pout. "Thanks captain obvious. I didn't know." I sniffed turning around. "Not my intentions." He got into the other side putting a arm around me. "I wish you were her right now... to be honest." I said digging my face in his neck. "Sorry I can't be that amazing." He said and I hummed crying. "Listen Y/n I'm sure she didn't mean it." Y/b/n said and I sat up. "She kissed Eva." I cried sitting up and turning towards Y/b/n. "It's easy to confuse you two. You look so much a like." Y/b/n said and I glared at him with puffy eyes. "You're a real captain obvious." I said and he sighed sitting up. "But Kendall was different she could somehow always tell the difference. And then just suddenly..." I trailed off looking at my hands. "It was a mistake. You still look alike. And Eva dressed in your jacket later on." Y/b/n tried and I stood up feeling angry for some reason. "We look a like but were not even the same person !" I said and Y/b/n nodded with his thinking face. "And Eva, oooh she shouldn't have done it. She knows better." I stormed out of my room. "Y/n stop. Your angry." Y/b/n called behind me. "Captain fucking obvious." I said and took a left to Eva's room. "You're gonna say something you'll regret. Stay calm or become calm first." Y/b/n said and I shrugged knocking on Eva's door then stormed in finding her with a girl. "You're fucking ridiculous." I said walking to her and suddenly Gigi and Bella was part of this. Gigi was standing in front of me. "Gigi please move." I said politely but anger in my voice. "This isn't what she would've wanted." Gigi said and I looked at her. I sighed and glared at Eva. "Fuck yourself." I zaped her with a total fuck you attitude, as I have with the paps. I looked at my brother. "I don't regret it." I said clenching my jaw and walking out.

*wEeK lAtEr*

I haven't spoken to Eva since I told her to go fuck herself. And I have barely been sleeping because of my constant reply of the moment when my fucking twin kissed my girlfriend.

It's two am and I am sitting on the roof staring at the empty street memories of me and Kendall playing in front of me and listening music. I smiled until I had the flashback of my worst day ever.

"I can't wait for the party." I said and Kendall smiled at me kissing me. "You're beautiful." I smiled kissing her. "I love you." She said cupping my cheek. I smiled as I ran my thumb over her knuckles. "I love you too." I said kissing her in her neck. "Oh my fuck I'm so tired." Eva got into the car along with Bella and Gigi. "The party hasn't even started." Kendall giggled. I smiled at her giggle. "I'm so tired of the let's go here, there, here then the party. Fuck let's just go party." Eva said and I shook my head. "Without the here and there, there wouldn't be a party dumb arse." I said and she stuck her tongue out at me. "Babe did you remember a jacket ?" Kendall asked and I nodded. "Yeah. You ?" I asked and she nodded. "Fuck I forgot mine." Eva said and I looked at her. "Well looks like we're gonna be late." Bella said and Eva shook her head. "No I need alcohol now." She said and Gigi laughed. "You're gonna freeze your tits off." Gigi said and I shook my head as Kendall held my arm. "No I'll be the one freezing my tits off because she'll be using my jacket." I said rolling my eyes. "Big sisters are just so amazing." Gigi said and Kendall hummed. "Eva would be dead without me." I said and she chuckled. "It's a few minutes." Eva said and I rolled my eyes. "Makes a huge difference." I said and Kendall squeezed my hand. "Bella why are you staring ?" I asked sighing, knowing the possible answer. "I still don't get how Kendall and some people tell the difference so easily. I can tell the difference by the way you talk." Bella said and I shrugged along with Eva. "That's creepy." Gigi said and I looked at Eva. "Is it as creepy as this ?" Eva and I asked in unison. "No but please stop that." Gigi said with wide eyes. Eva and I chuckled. "How do you do that ?" Bella asked and Gigi interrupted. "That's for another time. When I'm not around." Gigi said and we laughed. "Babe I will go get us drinks you get the table with the girls." I said as the driver pulled up.

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