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"Well, I won't keep you guys any longer

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"Well, I won't keep you guys any longer. Go ahead and get Kate situated at the site." Fury suggested letting the seat he previously sat idle in slide behind him. "And Kate, try your best to survive Stark's idea of humor." He added cocking his head towards Tony as a smirk crept across my lips.

"Will do, sir." I nodded as my ears picked up on an overdramatized scoff splitting Tony's lips in two, whipping my head around to face him I immediately bit my cheeks at the sight of his rolling eyes.

"After her royal highness." Tony gestured extending his arm allowing me to exit first.

"I like her." Nick smiled to Steve as the soldier's eyes unintentionally followed my figure exiting the room.

"Yea, me too." He nodded in agreement as Fury double took the soldiers tone and mannerisms.

"Ready to ditch the uniform?" Natasha asked after observing my body's obvious discomfort in the skin fitted suit.

"Hell yes." I sighed in relief as my posture slouched, my body language sending more of a thank you than my words.

"Here, try these." Natasha added as my eyes caught a few items of clothing approaching my now open palms.

"Thank you." I kindly smiled running my fingers across the smooth to the touch fabric as I headed back to my room to change out of the silly suit.

"All ready to go?" Bucky asked leaning against the doorframe while gently knocking on the door, intently listening for a response.

"Born ready." I confidently replied with a cocky grin opening the door in regular, comfortable attire; momentarily caught off guard by his unaccompanied presence.

"Glad to see you've left your so called hooker days behind." He smiled gesturing towards my clothing in the attempt to create small talk, now making the silly statement an inside joke.

"Me too." I agreed as Bucky chivalrously extended his arm and began to lead me down the somewhat familiar halls while my eyes mindlessly scanned the monotone color scheme; struggling to get as much as a word to roll of my tongue entangled in my awkward tendencies

"So you're a nurse." Bucky added trying to break the somewhat awkward silence evidently hovering in the hallway, causing my head to immediately whip upwards to face his; this small act causing a tingling warmth to tickle the soldiers cheeks.

"Why yes, and you're an assa- a guy with a metal arm." I corrected hastily returning to my previous composure as my mind internally reprimanded my visibly desperate response to mild interaction.

"Yea, no shit." He lowly chuckled as we both approached the team standing idle in front of a sleek, modern SUV engaged in small talk; this was actually happening.

"I don't believe I've met you." I asked sliding across the row of slick leather furrowing my brows and briefly contouring my face in confusion towards a colored man now turning to face me.

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