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Me and Taehyung's annoying friend which I now know has a name.
Damien; and his teammate Vanessa.

Vanessa is actually very interesting!
She was a little confusing and timid at first but turned out we had a lot in common~

I'm glad since she's the first female friend I've made here which isn't too bad since I've been here only a day.

We all got separated into our own private workspace~
I'm so excited for my first challenge here! The task is an art concept.

//create a piece of artwork that expresses personality and charisma!//

The fact neither me or Taehyung practised for this event made me nervous and I DO NOT want to be nervous!

// 3! 2! 1! Go! //

It's started?
Omg it's started!


I'm clearly stressing out!
I try my hardest to think of ideas but I really don't work well under pressure.

The room wasn't filled with much inspiration either.
It was just a plain white room.
Floor, ceiling and walls all the same shade.

Except a few tubes of paint which sat in the right hand corner of the spacious room.

//50 minutes remaining//

I started to panic

You have got to be kidding me!
We've got no time; and I've got no ideas!

What am I possibly supposed to do!
I should've planned!

I tugged at my hair so hard it felt like I was pulling it out of my scalp.

I looked over to the paint tubes again to see Taehyung crouching down calmly admiring the different colours of paint.

I watched his arms tense as he picked up the box of paint and carried it over to me; he kneeled down next to me while I was already sitting in utter frustration and lack of creativity.

Although I was curious.
Curious of what he's up to.

He swiftly squeezed a decent amount of the different colour paints onto a paint palette, then put it in front of us.
I looked at him in confusion.

"Let's just....mess this up. It'll end up looking great anyways" he snickered with  confidence, it wouldn't hurt to try.

I took a bit of red paint onto my index finger; and starting from the corner, dabbing my finger onto the canvas with focus.

Taehyung looked at me in awe, then decided to try it out too.

He took yellow paint, and started pressing his finger onto a space near my red paint.

"And if we mix," Taehyung said, then put his yellow-painted finger onto my red finger prints, "we make something new."

Orange was made.

"Red+Yellow=Orange" I smiled

"Just like how
Me+You= something...um..interesting?"

I giggled at his joke; he started laughing too. The first time he wasn't laughing at me but laughing with me.

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