Chapter 1

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Dedicated to a good friend of mine go check out her stuff she's new and very good for being new :)


**Point of Alex**

"Rach hold on there's some idiot trying to call me. Call you back in 10?" I said into my IPhone my mum got me for my birthday last week. The caller ID said restricted. I pressed the answer button. "Um hello?" I said into the phone. "Hello this is Paul Higgins. Is this Alex Gaston?" Paul Higgins??? Um One Direction's Bodyguard Paul higgins? "Um yes this is she." I said mentally face palming myself because I just called him an idiot when I was talking to Rachel.

"Well miss Gaston I would like to congratulate you, Heather and Rachel because the boys chose your video. Now we will need to all meet with you on Friday so we can go over the rules and such. I will have the boys pick you all up and meet me somewhere alright?" I am utterly speechless. Speak dumb ass SAY SOMETHING. What do I say to that? I could feel the palms of my hands getting sweaty and I felt sick. "Um. Thank you. Thank you so much! Tell the guys I said thank you too. This is amazing. Okay well before I get crazy I'll let you go. I'll see you Friday? Do you still have my address from the video?" I asked.

Paul coughed. "Uh I think so if not we have your number so we can get a hold of you. See you Friday sweetheart." He dear he called me sweetheart. I hung up my phone and immediately 3-wayed Rachel and Heather. "Okay guys you will NEVER guess who called me." I practically screamed into the phone. "Ummmm Johnny Depp?" Rachel said sarcastically. "HAHAHA NO. Rachel come on for real. Paul Higgins. The One Direction's Paul Higgins! Guys! We won the video thing! We're going to be on the game show guys!"

Nothing was said for moments. I heard them breathing but they said nothing. "Guys?" I said. As I said that I heard two of the loudest and highest pitched screams in the world. I held the phone away from my already punctured ear drums. "There's the love."  laughed. "Oh and You guys have to be at my house Friday so we can all go over rules and stuff. So be here at 6. Wait what day is it?" I looked at my phone to see. Thursday??? What? We're meeting them tomorrow! "Guys we're meeting them tomorrow! You do realize I might go crazy." Heather said. "Heatherkins you're already crazy. But we are too so it's okay.." I said. She laughed. "Okay well I have to find something to wear. I'll call you two in the morning okay?" I said opening my closet door.

"Okay bye love you guys!" Rachel said hanging up. "Bye Alexkins." Heather said hangin up. I have a LOT of work to do. I threw my phone on my bed and got to work.


Next Day around 6pm

I had just gotten ready. I am wearing  simple skinny jeans and a flower printed top that should have been worn as a dress. I should probably let my mum know because I mean I won't be home for months. Unless I lose. I take out my phone and dial her number putting her on speaker phone so I can get make-Up on. "Hello dear. How are you?" She said in a gentle voice. "Hey mama. I just wanted you to know that I sent my video in and they picked it! So I am meeting them tonight to go over rules and stuff. I'll let you know how it goes okay mum?" She cleared her voice and I could hear her get excited.

"Oh dear I am so happy for you! I'll be watching. So win for me and your father okay? I'm sure he'd be so proud of you hunny." My dad died 2 years ago. He had a heart attack and when he died a lot of bad things happened. But since I moved out things seemed to get better. My mum seems happier. "I know mum. Okay The girls are here I love you!" I said hanging up.

Rachel and Heather walked through my door and attacked me with a huge group hug. " Guys I need to breath." I huffed out. "Sorry" They said too excited to notice me dying. You know. "Okay so they should be here like nowish." I laughed.