Preference #9

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{when you're upset}

-walks in on you crying
-freaks out and doesn't know what to do
-hugs you
- "y/n love please tell me what's wrong"

-you are just sitting by your window with no emotion but with tears rolling down your face
-he comes over and is confused
- "y/n?" You look at him with no emotion and look back. "Y/n baby please look at me"
-you look at him and just break down sobbing
- he runs to you and cradles to in his arms
-"what ever happened y/n I'll help you through it"
-you kiss him and all was well

-school had been stressing you out and you were just done
-you showed up at his house, hugged him tightly and broke down in tears
-he stroked your hair and completely calmed you down
-you guys went back to your house and he helped you with your homework

-your dog just died and you were devastated
-you drove from the vet to yours and jacks secret spot
-you were just there crying on a rock when you felt two arms wrap around your waist
-you were about to elbow a bitch until you smelled jacks signature vanilla shampoo (that's what I've heard from people who have met jack)
-you guys just sat there in each others arms

-your favourite character on your favourite tv show died
-you texted Sophia saying "f/c/n (favourite character name) died and I'm not okay"
-she showed up with ice cream and your favourite food
-you spent the rest of the day watching happy montages of f/c/n on YouTube (me)

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