Choose your words wisely

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«We should get out of the tub now." He disentangled his hands from around my waist, liberating me from his concrete prison.

«Ok.» I nodded my head in agreement, as I struggled to get my mass up from the tub, tepid water cascading down my naked flesh as I rose.

He stood up behind me, and stepped out of the crater, pulling me with him, his firm grip imprisoning my hand. My eyes grew wide as I took him in, my gaze followed the drops of water streaming down his neck, then trailed over the muscles of his ripped torso before they finaly stopped at the edge of his soaked grey sweatpants. Soaked sweatpants? My brows knitted together as I stared at the wet fabric which clung around his legs like a second skin. Water dripped down, forming a pool on the white tiles underneeth his bare feet. I had been so distraught earlier that I hadnt even noticed that he had gotten into the tub half clothed. I hadnt noticed the fabric against my naked flesh as I sat nestled between his legs.

"Sweatpants." The one word left my mouth, as I found myself unable to form the complete sentence. My voice was slightly high pitched as a gazed up at him with wide eyes.

His lips twitched at my stunned expression, his beautiful orbs sparkling in the light.

"Yes love, I am still wearing my sweatpants." He answered, his amused voice caressing me as it glided throught the room.

"Why." My voice sounded a bit less annoying to my own ears, but my brain would still not allow me to form a complete sentence.

He tilted his head to the side, his eyes still fixed on mine. God, he is breathtaking! My cheeks warmed undearneath his heated gaze.

"I got the feeling that you wouldnt appreciate my naked boner sticking up your ass at that very moment love. You already made it abundantly clear earlier that it would have the exact the opposite effect of calming you down." His smile widened, showcasing his pearly white teeth.

My cheeks flared at the casual comment. The memory of having a full blown panic attack as I straddled his lap, his boner poking hard against my butt, flashed through my mind. I remembered telling him that a boner up my ass would do nothing to calm me down, I remembered the sound of his sudden explosive laugh, and the anger that followed. That same anger flared in me now. It burned from my chest and spread outward, reignited by my previous shamefull embarresment.

Your not the only one whom can make someone cringe with words! I can also throw your own damned words right back into your smug, stupid face too! You damn vile man, you!

My eyes roamed over his partly dressed form, and I spewed out the first thing that came to my mind.

"I dont see why you go to such lenghts to hide yourself from me, its not like I havent seen you naked before." I threw his own taunt right back at him, as my left hand motioned to his drenched attire. Anger heated my cheeks, and triumph glittered in my eyes for managing to deliver the quick comeback with a firm stready voice, for a split second that is, before I turned deathly pale. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach as the color drained from my face. The realization of my stupid choice of words hit me, hit me hard.

Dear god!

Dear God, what did I just say!

The smile on his face twisted, looked slightly ferral. His warm orbs turned molten right before my eyes.

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