#19 You Hear Him Talking About You

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Finnick: I was walking up on the dock. Finnick is sitting on the very end with Mags. They're both smiling and Finnick is talking.

"She's just so amazing. I don't know what I would do without her. She makes me feel so alive. After the games I wanted to give up so many times and she was always there. I wouldn't be here today if she wasn't in my life."

Mags leans in to hug him and I walk back on the dock and come back louder so it seems like I just got there.

"Hey!" I smile and sit down next to him.

"Hi babe."

Peeta: "Katniss you have no idea what she does to me! She is has this irresistible charm to her."

I overhear Peeta talking about me and I smile to myself.

"Yeah, I think it's called hormones."

"No, she's different. She's the one, I know it's cliche but I know it's her. She's the one I want in all of my memories, the mother to my children. She's my everything."

Cato: "Did you leave anyone broken hearted back in Two?" Caesar asks Cato during his interview.

"Yes, my girlfriend (Y/n). She is my world. It was very hard leaving her back at home."

"Yes, I can imagine."

"She is my strongest motivator, she is the reason why I need to come home. She is why I am going to win."

Gale: "I'm going to go home." I kiss Gale before walking out of the living room leaving him and his family. I don't get far when I realize I left my bag. I let myself in the front door, feeling comfortable enough in their home.

"So, the two of you have gotten serious?" Gale's mom asks.

"Yeah, mom. She is mine for the long run. I can't see a future without her in it. I want to marry that girl."

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