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TopTommo: you ever wonder what makes our blood turn red?

StylishStyles: what?

TopTommo: our veins are blue which means our blood is blue so why is it red?

StylishStyles: our blood is not blue. it's always red. even when deoxygenated. even in the absence of oxygen in a vacuum.  after your blood is pumped to your lungs by your heart, it's bright red because hemoglobin-the iron-containing, oxygen-transporting protein in our red blood cells-blinds to the oxygen the blood just picked up. from the lungs, the blood goes back to the heart, which pumps it out to the rest of the body via the arteries and into tiny blood vessels called capillaries, where it gives its oxygen to the bodys tissues. On its return trip to the heart through the veins, the oxygen-depleted blood is dark red or maroon, because the hemoglobin is no longer bound to oxygen.

TopTommo: wow. i can't believe i actually read all that. i have no idea what half of those words mean but you're hot so it's ok.

StylishStyles: I have no idea who you are but I thought I'd answer your question. There's my good deed for the day. Now I have to go so bye.

TopTommo: bye pretty. 😄😄

Harry ran a brush through his hair as he waited for his friends to show up. They were going out to celebrate Niall graduating Uni. No one thought he would but he graduated at the top of his class surprising everyone. 

Now, Harry, Niall and Liam were preparing to take the next step in their lives and were getting ready to move in together. They had found a house with three bedrooms with a rent in their budget. With their jobs they would be able to take care of each other and pay bills. They were all ready to get out of their parents houses and start their lives. 

Harry and Liam graduated two years before Niall did so they weren't too far in ages. They were by Nialls' side as he made his way through school and helped him whenever they could. They felt they were part of the reason he graduated in the first place.

He wasn't going to deny that they were a big part.

Harry sprayed some cologne on himself just as a knock told him someone was there. 

Right now, Harry was still with his mom and step-dad. Liam was with his parents just fifteen minutes from where Harry lived and Niall was getting ready to take all his things from his dorm to their house. He'd have to go back to his parents house to get more things but for now they were going to have enough to get started. 

Harry grabbed his wallet and put it in his back pocket and grabbed his phone off the charger. He unplugged it from the wall and cut the light off.

He opened the front door to Niall and Liam standing there all dressed and ready to go.

"You sure you want to celebrate by getting drunk?" Harry asked.

Nialls' face lit up, "Yes! You know you want to!" 

"Alcohol is fun but you love it a little too much."

Harry closed the door behind him and made sure it was locked before following them to Liams' car. Liam didn't drink so he was going to be their desinated driver for the night.

The three settled in the car and was ready to go out for the night. The club was about a half hour away so Harry got settled and ready for the ride.


TopTommo: hello pretty. i cut my finger today and when i watched the blood pour out i thought about your brain telling me all those smart facts.

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