Chapter Four

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Chapter Four - Bobby Singer


Alanna and Dean had walked outside a few moments ago, but Sam and Elizabeth had stayed at the bar. "So," Jo began as she walked up. "Do you think he's taking it well?"

Sam shook his head, "I doubt it. It broke Dean when Alanna left. Her just randomly showing up with a teenager and telling him he has a kid...that won't sit well. No offense, Elizabeth."

"None taken, but we didn't randomly show up. Jo called Mom." Beth said as she gestured to the blonde.

"What?" Sam asked as he looked at their friend. Jo was blushing and staring at the duo with wide eyes.

"Um, you see. Not only could we use someone's help with our situation, but I was tired of comforting a drunk and depressed Dean. I thought that, maybe, her coming back would help him. Look on the bright side, you met your niece! I got to go do something to avoid this situation." Jo rushed before turning and walking away.

Sam and Elizabeth laughed just as Alanna walked up to the two. "Come on." She muttered in an angry tone. Her eyes were red from crying and her anger was quickly noticeable. "We are going to Bobby's!"

Sam and Beth quickly followed her out. "Going so soon?" Ellen called as she watched them walk away.

"Sorry, Ms. Ellen, we'll come back." Beth yelled getting a smile in return. She made her way to her mother's car and strapped herself into the passenger side. "How long is this drive?"

"About four hours. You can catch a nap on the ride there if you want to." Alanna said as she pulled onto the road behind Sam and Dean.

-Thirty Minutes earlier-

As Sam and Beth were inside, Alanna and Dean were stood beside the Impala. The two were at each other's throats and the tension made stray customers disappear back into the Roadhouse. They were nearly screaming at each other and the blonde had tears of anger running down her face.

"Alanna, you showed up after sixteen years of being missing with a child. You seriously except me to be okay with that? That is sixteen years I missed out on! You ran away and never blinked an eye. You never sent a single message, not one phone call, nothing! We thought you were dead." Dean yelled in frustration. The more he thought about the situation the angrier he got. He missed out on sixteen years of his child's life, that is not something you can just make up for.

"Look at it from my side, Dean! I was married to a Winchester. Once I said those vows, I had a target hung on my back. To add to that, I got pregnant with your child. That would cause our baby to be in danger from the moment she was born. I didn't want that then and I don't want that now. I wanted our baby to be safe, to have a stable home and to go to one school, something we never had. I didn't want her to grow up a hunter."

"I don't want that either, but I didn't want you to leave. We could have made a plan together. She would have been protected and safe."

"How can you promise that. You know the world we live in. You cannot promise that someone will be safe because they never are. No one is. Besides did you even want a child?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I wanted a child with you. I loved the idea of becoming a family, but you made that choice for me. You took away that part of my life the second you left that motel room."

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