A Demon Priestess falls for a Wolf Demon. A Koga Love story

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Name: Nami Haruko

Age: Looks 17 but is really 270 years old.

Race: Half wolf Demon

Looks: she has tannish skin, black hair pulled into a high pony tail, an outfit similar to Kikyo's but the pants are blue, and she has a wolf tail too~

Personality: She's usually calm, kind, caring, motherly, protective of her friends, and she can be like Inuyasha a couple of times being a stubborn girl. (Inu: I'm not stubborn!!!! Me: Yeah you are~!)

Family: Dead her mom who was the priestess of a village died because of a demon killing her. Her father a full wolf demon was killed by his pack for mating with a human.

Weapons: Her mothers bow and arrows and a sword left behind by her father but she still has to find it.

Past: She was rasied by Kaede because her mother dropped her off there because they were close friends. So Nami helps Kaede to help in her village.

Friends: Kaede, Inuyasha, Miokru(When he's not beening perverted), Sango, Shippo, Kirara and soon Koga.

Enemies: any villian in the series.

Other info: Of coruse you change human on the New Moon just like Inuyasha~

Human Form: Same outfit but your hair turns more brownish and her eyes are purple in the pic but then they turn to a hazel color.

I am cutting out Kagome because I hate her guts k?