Information about Nami

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Name: Nami Haruko

Age: Looks 17 but is really 270 years old.

Race: Half wolf Demon

Looks: She has tan skin, black hair pulled into a high pony tail, deep purple eyes, an outfit similar to Kikyo's but the pants are blue, and she has a black wolf tail too~

Personality: She's usually calm, kind, caring, motherly, protective of her friends, and she can be like Inuyasha a couple of times being a stubborn girl. (Inu: I'm not stubborn!!!! Me: Yeah you are~!)

Family: Dead her mom who was the priestess of a village died because of a demon killing her. Her father a full wolf demon was killed by his pack for mating with a human.

Weapons: Her mothers bow and arrows and a sword left behind by her father but she still has to find it.

Past: She was raised by Kaede because her mother dropped her off there because they were close friends. So Nami helps Kaede to help in her village. There is no known memory of her real family.

Friends: Kaede, Inuyasha, Miokru(When he's not being perverted), Sango, Shippo, Kirara, Rin(whenever Sesshomaru stops by to battle Inu for a period of time) and soon Koga.

People she's skeptic bout: Sesshomaru

Enemies: Any villain in the series. (I.E. Naraku)

Other info: She changes into a human on the Full Moon

Human Form: Same outfit but her hair turns a light brown and her eyes go from their purple color to a light shade of blue.

I am cutting out Kagome because it might be difficult to write since there's already a clash of Koga liking her and.....I just REALLY REALLY dislike her in the story line. ^^ Sorry

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