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Jeongguk watches him through hooded eyes as Taehyung scours among the flat, the peach-blonde boy muttering incoherent words through his thick lips as he seems to be searching through the war zone of disgarded clothes from last night's 'pillow fight', or what Taehyung likes to use as the code name for 'having sex with my boss, oh god i'm going to get arrested'.

It's a sight, really, especially when Taehyung's overgrown locks are dishelved and pieces of hair are curling in cute strands, framing his face shape perfectly. The shirt he happens to wear is Jeongguk's, the article of clothing not buttoned correctly as it's loosely falling off his shoulder, exposing the skin Jeongguk's marked with his teeth. To complete the look, Taehyung's thick and pouty lips are bright red, swollen from devouring one another with messy kisses.

It has Jeongguk going wild, including his member that's just on the brink of going hard.

Goddamit Kim it's too early in the morning for this, Jeongguk's tongue swipes over his bottom lip, teeth catching the skin and biting down as his eyes trail up and down Taehyung's glorious thighs that are peeking out from beneath the button-up. He remembers kissing them last night, touching them with such delicacy it has Taehyung shivering underneath him. The thought of how easily Taehyung submits himself to him makes the knot in Jeongguk's stomach coil knowing how all of him belongs to him only.

"Stop attacking me with your eyes, you pervert," Taehyung chides, throwing someone's pants at Jeongguk's face in a weak attempt to get him to stop daydreaming.

It works partially as the distraction gives enough time for  Taehyung to shimmy on a pair of what looks like Jeongguk's expensive suit pants. The younger doesn't care, however, as the slim-fit tailored pants only define Taehyung's long, fair built legs.

"I can still feel your eyes trying to attack me, god," The peach-blonde says with complete disgust lathering his vowels, though they earn a snort from Jeongguk himself.

"It's not 'attacking' baby boy, it's called checking you out," Jeongguk retorts shamelessly, enjoying it fully as he watches Taehyung turn and give him a horrified look. The younger winks, taking advantage of the situation with one of his billion-dollar smirks. It has Taehyung swiveling his head the other direction, probably hiding the fact that his cheeks are blossoming with a deep crimson.

"Christ do you do this always with your hookups?" He can hear the frown in the older's question, which only makes the smirk on Jeongguk's face grow wider, more douchey.

"I told you I don't give my dick to anyone," The younger tucks his head underneath his arms, attempting to get comfortable with the show Kim Taehyung's subconsciously putting on for him. The older believes he's doing no harm, but oh lord, he's simply driving Jeongguk insane by bending over, his round ass the only thing he allows Jeongguk to see.

"I find that hard to believe," Taehyung murmurs, gasping in accomplishment when he finds the thing he's looking for. Jeongguk takes the opportunity when Taehyung's back is facing him to get up, letting the blankets hiding his parts to fall off as he walks up behind the older. He lets himself stand a good distance away for when Taehyung turns around-

"Holy fuck put-your-dick-away!" The childish grin on his plump lips disappears immediately when his gaze falls down to Jeongguk's exposed crotch, the boy instantly bringing his hands up to cover his eyes rather immaturely.

Jeongguk rolls his eyes, deciding it's best to stop scarring the younger by wrapping himself with a throw blanket. It's the least he can do before Taehyung ends up running out of his flat, screaming to the top of his lungs, "Jeon Jeongguk is a fucking predator" to the outside world.

"There," He says boredly, voice monotonous, "my dick has been put away." Jeongguk sighs, combing through his knotted hair with his fingers as Taehyung's hands undo themselves from his eyes.

"Oh-Okay, well let's head over to the office before the others realizes we're gone," Taehyung says sternly. "But first, I'm gonna use your bathtub and may or may not use all of your bath bubbles," He calls over his shoulder as he walks towards the bathroom, his long fingers working on unbuttoning Jeongguk's shirt. What a shame, the younger frowns as he hears the little 'pop' of each button from the fabric.

"May I join-," Jeongguk's about to ask, but before Taehyung disappears into the bathroom he drops the shirt he's wearing onto the ground, exposing his bare back and the masterpiece of scratch marks and hickies decorating the honey gold canvas.

He's such a fucking tease, Jeongguk covers his mouth, tongue poking the side of his cheek. When Taehyung's gone, Jeongguk knows he has a problem that simply can't be solved quite easily. He glances down at his thighs, rolling his eyes in irritation as he realizes Kim Taehyung's not only the death of him but indeed a problem.

A problem that's worth keeping around.

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