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Isabella's POV

I woke up to some muffled voices. At first, I couldn't understand them, when my vision cleared, I saw a white ceiling above my head, then my memories came back. I remembered everything from the beating to hospital and talking to Austin...Austin my mate. I blushed and sighed dreamily thinking about him. He is so handsome and he accepted me...wait he accepted me he didn't reject me. 

"Yes, mate didn't reject us. Now stop your day dreaming mate is here listen what is he talking about, he seems angry."

"Yeah, Shia you're right." With that I blocked Shia out and listened what my mate was saying.

"I'm gonna kill this whole pack Ryder. Look what they did to my mate. She is so weak and beaten up."

Well looks like he's angry a lot. I should interrupt.


"Baby" baby??? well that's new. "How are you feeling now? Does it hurt anywhere? Are you hungry? Do you need something? Should I call the doctor? Ofcourse how silly of me I should definitely call the doctor, you wait okay I'll be back in a few."

After he finished his cute rant and was about to leave I stopped him,"Austin, no need to call doctor I'm okay, I just need water."

"Oh okay, here". He gave me a glass of water from the small table beside the hospital bed with a cute blush on his cheeks.

"Umm....Austin why are you blushing?" I asked innocently while stifling a laugh.

Before he could answer a loud laugh was heard. We both turned towards the laughing man whom I don't know but I guess was Ryder Austin was talking to.

He was laughing and rolling on the floor...literally while saying 'whipped' once in a while in between his laughter.

I just looked towards Austin who also at the same time looked towards me. He just shrugged and said,"Wait for him to sober up then I'll introduce you two." I just nodded.

After 5 minutes, Ryder or so I think his name is sobered up.

He walked towards me and straightened his hand out for me to shake and said,"The name's Ryder." Well I was right. "Your mate's best friend from diapers, his beta and obviously your new male best friend."

He had a nice and warm smile but I was still afraid of people with high rank so I kept my hands to myself. "H-hi, I-I-am I-isab-bella S-smith. N-nice t-to m-m-meet y-you." I managed to speak out and then I just fell silent looking towards my lap in sadness of what Austin will think about me that I could not even speak without stuttering. I was feeling like crying.

"Hey, baby it's okay. We're just starting on the new you. It would take some time baby. Just trust me."

I looked towards Austin,"I trust you." I whispered to him. Now you all might be thinking that we just met how could you trust him so well firstly he is my mate, I'm meant to trust him and secondly he showed me that kindness and care that not even my parents showed me in my whole life.

"Well that's too cheesy for my taste." Austin and I both looked towards Ryder who had his nose all scrunched up.

"We'll see that when you go home to your mate, Grace. Huh." said a smirking Austin.

"Well I'm proudly stating that I'm whipped over my Grace."

"Umm...Austin when can I leave this hospital?" I interrupted there meaningless talks.

"Baby we can leave now, when you were sleeping the doctor checked your vitas and gave you the permission to go home."

"Home?? Austin you are not going to send me back to that pack house to Alpha  Roberts are you?" I asked feeling scared I can't go back there they will beat me to death for not cleaning after the party. Party..oh is my birthday over?

"No baby ofcourse not. I'm not going to send you back there you will be coming with me to our pack baby, to Moon Shadow Pack."

"Really??" "Yes baby really." He said grinning. I gave him a genuine smile.

"Ummm...Austin what day is today?"

"Baby it's 18th of March, going to be 19th of March in 5 minutes. Why?"

"Nothing, just like that."

"Tell me baby."

"It's my birthday. Going to end in 5 minutes." I said looking down to my lap.

"Oh My God, it's your birthday. Why didn't you tell me baby. Its going to end in 5 minutes. Now 4 minutes. What I'm going to do? Oh no! Oh no! I'm going to miss your first birthday."

"Calm down buddy. Here I bought a cupcake and a candle. We could celebrate Luna's birthday in 3 minutes."

"Thank you Ryder." I said shyly.

"My pleasure Luna. Here." He gave the cupcake with a candle lighting on the top of it to Austin.

"Make a wish baby."

I made a wish and blew the candle. Ryder and Austin clapped and sang the happy birthday song for me while I cut the cupcake. I then fed it to Austin and he fed it to me as well. The rest cupcake was eaten by Ryder.

"Well we celebrated your birthday with one minute to spare Luna." We all laughed.

"Let's go baby now."

"Austin, can I get a change of clothes. I can't exactly go to your pack in a hospital gown."

"Firstly baby, it's not 'my' pack. It's 'our' pack. And yes I've kept some clothes for you in the bathroom. Let me take you there."

"I can go by myself Austin." "I know but I wanna pick you up."

And with that he pick me up like a weigh nothing and put me on the bathroom sink.

"Take your time baby, I'll be waiting right outside. If you need me call me. Okay?" I just nodded unable to say anything as he was standing so close to me.

I first took the towel that was on one side of the sink and went to shower first.

After showering, I wore the clothes that were on the other side of the sink. It was a simple outfit. I liked it.(outfit above)

I came out from the bathroom to see Austin and Ryder talking. I walked towards Austin who was sitting on the not so comfy couch in the hospital room.

"You look good baby. Let's go." I just nodded.

So, I decided to update after a really really long time.
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I'll be updating regularly now.

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