Chapter 20

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The Mystery

A/N:This is going to be a filler chapter intil the real actions starts. Sorry if it's boring.

Lilly's POV:
       I woke up tired and totally not ready for my daily spy training that lasted all morning. From 8:00 to 12:00. It was fun the first time but we have been training for two weeks now. The work gets harder and the sweat gets thicker every time we practice. Hey, at least I'll have a nice summer body. That is, if we actualy finish this mission by summer and get to have normal teenage lives.

       After procrastinating a minute or two, I finally lifted myself out of bed. I got dressed and ready to go as slowly as possible. I knew I would procrastinate so I set my alarm clock really early to make sure I was at training on time. You know how spies are with people being late.

        I grabbed my keys off the nightstand and dodged straight to the food court for breakfast. Believe it or not, they have awesome food here. I went for the french toast. I sat down and picked up my fork to find and inscription in it. Not the normal 'made in whatever country' inscription but a message.

Watch your back, Williams. -Anonymous

     I dropped the fork, scared of what might happen next. I threw away my breakfast and went for a sealed cereal bar instead. Anonymous can mean anyone, but who could get in the building. Headquarters is impossible to get into and they kicked Kevin out so how could this be. There was only on solution. This was an inside job...but who?

         I ran as fast as I could to training, scared that every second I was alone could only lead to my pre-mature death. As soon as I crashed through the doors of the training arena I doubled over huffing and puffing. "Williams, whats wrong?" my training coach asked in concern. "Oh nothing, just getting in an extra jog." I said in between breathes. I can't trust him or anyone I don't fully know and I'm not about to tell him the truth. "That wasn't a jog, that was full out sprinting. Are you sure your okay?" he looked at me with wide eyes, holding my shoulder, clearly nervous that something was terribly wrong. And there was. "It's all good. Ever heard of sarcasm?" I laughed making sure he though I was purposely under exaggerating my running to be funny. "You got me Williams." he said laughing and pointing his finger my way.

          "Alright everyone line it up." Coach McCann said as we piled into formation. From there we started with a good six mile run. Next we did intense cardio and let me tell you, it sucked. The hardest cardio I have ever suffered through in my whole life. Wait, theres more. After I layed on the floor for a good half minute and hydrated myself, Coach called us back for the second half of our practice.

          "We are going to really focus on our fighting skills today so get ready." Coach McCann said as if we didn't focus on everything before fighting. He showed all these awesome techniques. Most of what he taught was a mix between judo and jujitsu. It was loaded with throws, hold downs, (aka: take downs and pins)armlocks and chokes but it had a good balance of striking technique (punches and kicks)also. By now I was sweating enough to fill an ocean. Most the time I don't even sweat, I sparkle. Today I sweat actual beads. Ew. Before I knew it, training was over and I felt alone again.

        "Lilly, wait up." Jake called from behind me as I picked up my things to leave. I was really happy he stopped me because I did not want to leave here without a group or at least somebody. I know I can protect myself, but I also know nothing about this source. I don't even know if they have co workers.  "Hey, Jake!" I said a little too excited as he approached. "After we both get cleaned up, do you wanna meet up with the rest of the group and maybe go out somewhere? You know past these Headquarter walls." he asked with beads of sweat falling from his face. "Sure." I replied. I really did need to get away from this place and try to explain this to Jake. I could trust him and the team. They will help me. Even if they couldn't they would try their best.

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