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Couple months later

Mary's POV

I haven't went out in forever the only places I've been is at Chris' house or at the store to buy my necessities. Grayson has checked up on me a few times . Ethan is just a ghost I see him but I don't acknowledge him .

I've felt guilty after the incident with Ethan.  Even as much as her hurt me he didn't deserve anything that I said . The guilt just eats me up at night . It takes me down at night . My thoughts just take over me leaving me with little to no sleep .

Just the thought of him being in pain that I was once in sadness me . But at the same time I feel like some of the things I said he deserved to hear .

I was in the kitchen drinking some rosé. Two hands covered my mouth . I started to freak out . I started kicking and tried to get out of their grip . I got a quick glance at who it was .

Fear rushed through my body when I saw her before I randomly blacked out .

Clare ....

Ethan's POV

Im sitting in the office feeling this pain that is indescribably the worst pain I've ever had . I feel as if the whole world is against me .

After that night the girl ruined my life . The girl stripped me down until she got to the end . I felt humiliated after everything she just tore me apart as if I was nothing.  She made me feel worthless like I had no purpose of being here . Just saying her name brings me to tears of fear .  The words she said just run through my mind constantly . I get reminded daily that I shouldn't be here . I'm haunted by my own thoughts.

(Tigger warning)

Little by little I look at the mirror and hate myself. My mind is my enemy ; it makes me think things I never wanted to think . It's so dark now that I can't even escape it when I sleep . Not one second passes by where her words don't cross my mind .

Just a couple of words took away my sanity.

I'm currently in my office finishing some paperwork. Even if I'm a success financially I'm not a success mentally . As I'm sign the papers one by one I get a knock on the door .

"Come in ."

The door opened and then a loud drop filled the room .

I sign one more paper before I look up to see her on the floor covered in blood . My stomach dropped . My eyes got watery all the memories came back . She looked tired . She was pale her golden tan color seemed to be fading. I felt this surge of pain rush through my body .

There was a message attached to her .

Now do you regret treating your princess like shit . I saw everything that happened and y'all never suspected anything. I hated how she treated you , i can treat you better than she did . It must be nice to see her for the last time before she's 6 feet under you . It was your fault you made me angry and you made her miserable.

Enjoy your new life - Cl

Clare .....

It can only be her and it is her . I ran over to her body covered in blood my mind was racing.

"NOOOOOOO!" I shouted as I held her in my arms as I bawled . My mind was being haunted even more . This image will always stay in my mind .

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