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"Help us! We need a doctor!" FP shouted as the Serpents burst into the ER, Sweet Pea holding Fallon's limp body in his arms, uncontrollably sobbing.

"Ma'am!" Jughead yelled, and the nurse barely looked up. "Wait your turn, please."

"She was shot! She's pregnant!" FP slammed his hand down on the counter.

"I need you to step back—"

"She's dying! Our baby is dying!" Sweet Pea yelled, and just in time, Dr. Masters appeared.

"Hey, what's going on here?"

"My friend was shot right in the stomach. She's eight months pregnant!"

"Hey, get me a gurney! Now! Here, here, here. Lift up, lift up. Let's go." Fallon was rushed away down a white corridor, Sweet Pea running with her until the doors cut him off, falling to his knees and weeping.

"Jug, where do you think you're going?" FP grabbed Jughead's shoulder, and his son growled.

"To find the guy who shot Fallon!" He shouted, but FP stopped him.

"You're not going out there. Not with people rioting. Look, you're angry, you want justice. So do I. But you've got a fallen soldier here, boy, and we need to talk to her family. It's part of being a leader."

"Some leader I am." Jughead said sadly, tears coming to his eyes,

"Don't go down that road. All right, come on. Come on." FP held his son as he cried, both of them covered in Fallon's blood.


"Excuse me, ma'am. How's Fallon Fogarty?" Jughead asked a nurse two hours later, and the nurse checked her computer.

"She's still in surgery."

"I'll want to talk to her as soon as she wakes up." Jughead said, and then spotted the Sheriff coming down the hall. "Sheriff Minetta! Shouldn't you be on the street looking for who shot Fallon?"

"There's already a manhunt underway. Your little Serpent pals aren't making things easy, though. Rioting, carousing, terrorizing the neighborhood. Already arrested a few." He sounded almost smug, which enraged Jughead further.

"Fallon wouldn't have a slug in her gut and potentially lost her child if you'd done your job in the first place." FP growled, but Minetta glared.

"I don't know the details of your parole, Mr.Jones, but I'm certain harassing an officer would violate them."


"Oh, my God, is that Mrs.Klump? Andre, stop the car! That's Midge's mom." Veronica gasped, leaping out onto the pavement as Andre called after her.

"Ms. Veronica, wait!"

"Mrs.Klump? Are you okay?" Veronica asked, but gasped when she saw the gun in Mrs. Klump's hand.

"I may have killed that girl and her baby....oh god, did I kill a baby?!"


"Archie, what the hell is going on?" Jughead answered.

"The Serpents are going nuts." The redhead answered, and Jughead rolled his eyes.

"Yeah! Reggie shot Fallon! She's fucking pregnant, Archie!"

A gasp sounded. "She...She was?"

"Yes she fucking is! Reggie is responsible for a double murder if they die!"

"No, dude, I was with Reggie when it happened, it wasn't him. So you need to call off your crew. We're just leaving Reggie's house now."

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