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"So do you. Are you sure you're okay?" Betty asked quietly, and Veronica gave her a grateful look.

"I'll manage."

"I'm impressed, I'll give you that. I'd want to rip Ethel's head off." Fallon chuckled darkly.

"As my mom keeps saying, this is not the time for drama and flying off the handle. I just need to...take deep breaths, keep smiling, turn the other cheek. Give Ethel a wide berth." Veronica said with a smile, and turned back to the mirror.


"Veronica! I heard you got a face full of dairy. I've got some nuts to top off that shake if you want." Reggie called in the hallway, making Betty, Veronica, and Fallon stop dead in their tracks.

As much as Fallon didn't like Veronica Lodge, she hated Reggie Mantle more.

"Leave her alone, Reggie." She hissed, and Veronica gave him a glare.

"You do not want to push me right now, Reggie."

"One question I gotta ask, as future Student Body President. What are the odds your dad's the first inmate in that prison he's building? Oh, man. That's gonna be shitty for your mom." He laughed, and before Fallon could rip him limb from limb, Veronica turned around and delivered a vicious right hook to Reggie's jaw.

"Holy fuck, Lodge!" Fallon gasped as Reggie hit the floor, stunned beyond belief.

Veronica turned on her heel and fled the scene, her eyes ablaze as Betty and Fallon followed after her, unable to believe what she'd done.


"This isn't a demolition notice. It's a notice of extermination." Jughead barked, and Fangs sighed. "We've already said our goodbye to Southside, Jughead."

"Today, it's Southside High. Tomorrow, it's the world. Everything that makes the Southside home is gonna disappear. If we roll over now, it's all over." He sighed, and Toni gave him a look.

"It's just a building, Jug." She said.

"No! Toni, it's the soul of the Southside. They fought and died trying to protect that land.
Our parents fought to keep it safe during the riots. Now it's our turn. It's our time. This is our fight. So who's with me? Who's ready to go to war?" He begged, and Fallon stood.

"I will. I'm with you, Sythe, come what may."

"Me too." Sweet Pea spoke up, and one by one, the Serpents agreed. They'd fight till the last man for the Southside, their home.


"Well, well, well. The cavalry's finally here." Jughead said bitterly as Archie Andrews approached the nine Serpents, who had decided that the best plan of action was to chain themselves to the school.

"Guess that means we've got Hiram's attention." Fallon sighed.

"Are you nuts? Chaining yourself to this place? They're gonna tear it down in two days, dude." Archie spat at Jughead, and the younger Jones merely smiled.

"Not unless Hiram wants the blood of nine young Serpents on his hands. We're not going anywhere."

"Go and tell your boss we said that." Fallon hissed at Archie, her eyes blazing.

The redhead sighed, and walked back towards the North, leaving the Serpents behind.


Betty came the next day, far more sympathetic than Archie had been.

"God, why didn't you call me last night, Jug? I mean, Fallon is pregnant for God's sake! Why isn't she home?" She said the last part under her breath.

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