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"Who knows?" Fangs choked, and Fallon couldn't look him in the eye.

"Betty. Sweet Pea, obviously. And FP." Fallon said, and she found the strength to look at her older brother. "I don't blame you, you know." He said finally, and Fallon gave him a confused look. " don't?"

"No. I blame Sweet Pea."

"I swear to God, Fangs, if you lay one finger on my boyfriend--"

"I won't, shortstack. I was kidding. Although this is no way in hell the best timing, I'm excited to meet this little snake. I'm gonna be a kickass uncle." He smiled, and Fallon burst into tears. "Woah, woah, woah, what? What did I say?" Fangs said, alarmed, and Fallon wiped her eyes as she yanked her brother into a hug. "I really fucking love you, Fangs. And I'm pregnant, give my emotions a break."

"Oh. Oh! Gotcha." He said, wrapping his arms around her. She smiled into his t-shirt, feeling like everything was gonna be alright.

Nobody had any idea what was coming next.

The next week at school, Fallon, Sweet Pea, Jughead, Fangs, Toni, and Jughead's Northside friends were sitting at a table discussing Veronica's latest betrayal in the name of her parents.

"I just loved your spin piece in the paper, Olivia Pope." Jughead snapped at her, and she sighed, running a hand through her hair.

"Can we not, Jughead?"

"Did you know about Southside High closing? Or the prison?" Fallon asked sharply, and Betty gave her a look.

"Of course not. That was all her parents' doing. Right, V?"

"She didn't know, Fallon, okay? So, back off. You too, Jughead." Archie growled, and Jughead shrugged indifferently.

"Fine. I have to conserve my energy anyhow. I'm going on a hunger strike to protest Southside High closing and to get it reopened."

Archie snorted, and Fallon shot daggers at him while Jughead looked mad as hell.


"I'm sorry, man. It's just you're, like, always eating." Archie laughed.

"I mean, good luck with that, but hey, it's Jughead's prerogative to protest peacefully, so we're gonna support that, aren't we?" Betty said pointedly, and Fallon would have said more if it wasn't for one Ethel Muggs approaching their table.


"Oh, hey, Ethel." Veronica said, and Ethel did not smile back.

"For your crimes against the town of Riverdale, for everything that you and your family have done and continue to do, we find you guilty. Your sentence is this." She said, a dead look on her face.

Without warning, Ethel threw the contents of the cup in her hands straight into Veronica's face, the large strawberry milkshake splashing all over her face, hair, and clothes.

Sharp gasps echoed around the cafeteria as Fallon and the Serpents let out stifled laughter, a dark glee burning in Fallon's veins. Sweet Pea and Fangs didn't do much to conceal their chuckles, Kevin and Josie's expressions Fallon's particular favorites.

At Betty's behest, Fallon followed Betty and the humiliated Veronica to the bathroom, where Fallon leaned against the wall as Betty and Veronica tried to clean Veronica up.

"The chilling thing is Ethel went through the trouble of bringing that milkshake here from Pop's. I mean, how mad is she?" Betty asked, and Fallon rolled her eyes.

"My dad is responsible for the Muggs family losing basically everything. And he still hasn't made amends, so, Ethel has a right to be upset." Veronica sighed.

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