Chapter 5

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Upon opening my case containing my hero suit, I smiled. It's perfect. I jumped right into it. A perfect fit. I looked at myself in the mirror, damn I actually don't look like shit

*photo below, minus the helmet*

My costume looked simple, but in reality, I put quite a bit of thought into it

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My costume looked simple, but in reality, I put quite a bit of thought into it. The fabric is made to ensure I stay at a comfortable temperature (cools when it's hot outside, warms when it's cold), it is also resistant to fire, so I can use my wind quirk to make myself run as fast as possible without the risk of catching fire...which I found out the hard way. My weightless boots also help with my speed. Another genius idea I came up with was having a built-in wind stabilizer and controller in the gloves to better control my quirk and allow for large, concentrated blasts of wind to be shot. It's a shame I only just found out about my mind control quirk, I definitely could've done something to my suit to help with that. Ugh, I should probably add something later. I guess I'll just need to see it in action as is for today.

I wanted to look stunning the first time wearing my costume, so I fixed my hair and makeup. After slipping on my knee-high boots, I began walking to the Training Ground Beta to meet with my classmates.

[] TIME PASS - 2 minutes []

Everyone's hero suits were amazing. I honestly felt bland in the crowd. Out of instinct, I found myself staring at and analyzing the ground -- until my thoughts were disrupted.

"Oh, __Y/N__! You look amazing!" I look up slowly to see a large grin staring back at me.

"Thanks Kiri!" I couldn't help how infectious his smile was as I returned a smaller version of his. I looked over his hero suit: shoulder pads in the shape of gears, an uncovered chest, a tarnished red skirt over black pants that were held up with a belt with the letter "R" on it, and a jaw-guard similar to animal fangs. "So, what's the R stand for?"

"My hero name: Red Riot!" he responded, confidently.

"Well, you've put some thought into this haven't you?" I laugh.

"Yup! Anyways, I'll see ya later!" he scurried away with a smile...what a guy. I watch as he reaches Kaminari and begins talking to him and Jiro. 

"__Y - Y/N__, your suit looks utterly stunning." I turn around to see no other than my two-toned diamond boy in a white suit, ice covering his "fire" side.

"Not looking too bad yourself, Todoroki" I give him a small smile. Something about my peppermint prince made me feel anchored...not sure what. I look closer at him to notice a slight flush of pink on his cheeks -- wait, is he blushing?


Damn. I was blushing, I knew it. I made an effort to hide it, but it was too late. She noticed.

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