Mickey Dolenz

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Mickey Dolenz recalls visiting Abbey Road Studio on 20 February, 1967:

"Paul and I had a drink the night before, and he invited me to the session. It was a weird scene. Christ, the Beatles, I thought. Better look the part. So before I got in the car to go over there I spent an hour dressing up in my best paisley flares and beads, with rings, bangles, and about half a dozen medallions. If I'd drowned somehow they would have had to send in a salvage crew for me.

This is '67, and these are Paul and John, so I'm expecting peace, love and flowers at the studio. Instead, it's a factory: four guys sitting around on folding chairs, drinking tea. A minute or two later, George Martin comes downstairs in his suit and tie, says crisply, "Right lads, break's over,' and everyone goes back to work. Very British. Very professional. Maybe that's why they succeeded and we didn't."

-- McCartney by Christopher Sanford

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