january 18

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10:20 pm

A sigh escapes Yoongi's pale lips as a server arrives with his alchohol. Straight vodka, his favorite. The buzz it gives him is one of the few things that can get him out of his head.

That, and pretty boys dancing to vulgar music in a strip club.

"Thank you."

Yoongi nods half-heartedly to the probably too young boy as he takes the drink, and proceeds to down it in one gulp.


"Please," he replies between coughs.

"Rough day?"

Usually, he'd roll his eyes at anyone trying to make conversation in a club; especially a worker. But this one is kind of cute, with his tousled orange hair and plump, pink lips.

"You could say that."

His rough day consisted of losing his first match of the season; which is not a good start to the year. If he doesn't get his shit together, he won't even be able to get a big enough crowd to bet on him. In the underground scene, people want dirty, knockout fights between people who never lose. Not amateurs or easy wins. And, regardless of the scene, Yoongi wants his money.

He's pulled out of his thoughts, his teeth catching his lower lip as the pretty server's thigh brushes against his own.

"Oh- s-sorry, I-"

Yoongi smiles forgivingly, almost chuckling at his flushed face. The boy is even cuter when he's flustered.

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