Last year of high school. Everything was going as planned. I was doing well in my classes, joined some teams and university applications were sent. It was Monday, and I was getting ready for school. Titans High School consisted of about two- hundred thousand students; the school isn't like other schools in the area. It is small and crowded; the halls and lockers are crappy and old. The washrooms are old and not well maintained. Sometimes when there's something going on most students don't bother to show up, it feels like a haunted castle. Today feels like one of those days.

I made my way to the cafeteria after putting everything in my locker. The cafeteria was my friend's meeting place. I noticed my friend's wild hair, so I headed in her direction. You could always notice where she was because of her hair.

"Hey Silvia," I called to her.

"Hey, hey! Did you end up getting your co-op?" she asked as I sat down beside her.

"Yeah, I did, I start today for fourth period" I told her with a smile.

"What position did you end up applying for?" she asked.

"I went for TV producer at CBN" I said excited.

Silvia and I both applied for co-op at CBN due to the fact that both of us would love to work in the entertainment business. Both of us joined the drama club in school and out of school, and we even took singing lessons at an academy.

We kept talking about how much fun we were going to have at CBN until the bell rang and we headed our separate ways to class. I walked to university English and I made my way to the desk.

"Congrats Lucy" Damon said as he walked to his seat beside me.

"Thank you" I replied, shyly with a smile.

Damon was this really gorgeous tall guy with a well-built body, with messy blond hair and the most gorgeous deep blue eyes. Every girl at school wanted to date him but he didn't seem to be interested in anyone at the time.

"So CBN?" He asked with a smile.

"Yeah" I said with a smile trying to copy the note that was on the board.

"I heard it's a big deal to get in" he commented copying down the note.

"Yes. It kind of is because you can end up working there" I said excited.

"Damon, Lucy do you have something to share with the class?" Ms.Crouter asked interrupting our conversation.

"No" We both said trying to hold a smile back

It was the longest most boring period but I managed to get through it. Every now and then Damon would turn his face towards me and smile or make some silly faces. The bell finally rang and I gathered my things and started to make my way out of the class.

"Lucy! Wait up" Damon called after me

"Yes?" I answered confused.

"What class do you have now?" He asked.

"History" I said walking towards my locker.

"Oh okay then I'll see you tomorrow then? And good luck today" he said and started to walk away.

"Thanks!" I shouted back.

Damon turned around and smiled and kept walking. I froze there in front of my locker playing back what had just happened this morning in my head, when suddenly a familiar voice called me back to reality.