chapter 2 Meeting his friends

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Robin walked inside the tower got elevator and walked through the hallway and walked in the living room and then see cyborg and beastboy playing video games, raven was sitting a chair reading a book and starfire was watching beastboy and cyborg play.

Robin: ok guys we have a problem

Beastboy: dude I'm about to beat cyborgs high score

Cyborg: not for long

Robin: guys I found someone

Beastboy: did you find a girlfriend

Robin: no I found this little guy

He takes you of your back puts you on the couch still asleep everyone was looking at you and robin all them were shocked to see a kid in the tower

Starfire: friend robin why is there a child on the couch?

Robin: this y/n I found him in allewy alone crying he said that his parents abandoned by them

Beastboy: dude... that's rough man

Cyborg: yeah man

Raven: robin why did you bring him here

Robin: I don't know?... he reminds me of me

Starfire: that's sweet of robin

Raven: I'm not sure this a good couldn't you take him to police?

Robin: I couldn't

Cyborg: how come?

Robin: because I didn't want him to go through the same things I did

Cyborg : what do you mean

Robin: i never told any of you guys but

Raven: tell us what?

Starfire: please tell us robin

Robin: I was apart of circus called me and parents were called the flying Grayson and me and performed without a safety net everything was going great... but then something went wrong he were performing... my mom and dad were on the ropes he was suppose to swing my mom over to me and I mom supposed to catche her my then the ropes snapped and mom didn't reach me... and then... they fell and i saw them dead on ground.

Robin then started to cry but starfire walked over to him and hugged him and everyone was in shocked to hear that his own parents died right in front of him.

Starfire: robin... I'm so sorry you had to go through that

Cyborg: yeah dog

Beastboy: yeah dude

Raven: I'm sorry robin

Robin: after that i was adopted by millionaire Bruce Wayne he took me in and raise me...then I found out he was Batman

Cyborg: woah woah you mean to tell me that Bruce Wayne is Batman!?!

Robin: yeah after a little convincing and i was made his sidekick and the rest was history
(F/n pov)
You started to wake you blinked your eyes a few you saw robin and was hugging a some girl and man made out of metal, a boy who has green skin and a someone wearing a cloak.

Y/n: robin?

Robin: hey y/n how are you feeling?

Y/n: ok are these your friends?

Robin: yeah these are my friends this beastboy

Beastboy: what's up bro

Robin: this starfire

Starfire: greetings

Robin: this cyborg

Cyborg: what up dog

Robin: and this raven

Raven: hi

Y/n: glad to meet all of you

They looked like friendly people except for Raven she looked kinda creepy all you could see were her eye and mouth. beastboy had green skin but he seems nice. Cyborg you could see why he was called that and all of us body parts were replaced with robot parts. Starfire looked like a really nice girl sure she had Orange skin but she looked and sounded nice

Robin: well it's getting late y/n you don't sleeping on the couch do you

Y/n: no I don't mind

Robin:good see tommrow

They all left the room leaving only you in the living you grabbed a pillow and you fell asleep. During that night you started to have a nightmare about your parents saying that "that we never loved" or " you're such a disappointment" you woke and you hade tears in yours but then you heard something in the kitchen it was robin

Y/n: robin?

Robin: y/n what's wrong?

Y/n: I had a nightmare about my paren *starts to cry*

Robin: * stands on one knee and hugs you* it's ok we're here for you, I'm here for you

Y/n: really *sniff*

Robin: really if you want you can sleep in bed

Y/n: ok

And with that robin picks you and takes you too your room you saw is room which looks a dojo but you saw a bed and he put you down on his bed and laid down next too you.

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