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Third pov

The members had talked about Jungkooks short term 'little space' and had all agreed that they would carefully watch over him and not let it affect the way they treat him.

They also had agreed not to ever use the word "baby boy" any more.

It was starting to get dark out and all the members had wanted to do all day was to hug and cuddle kookie but they can barely touch him without him getting scared, that and he hasn't woken up yet from whatever the doctors had given him.

"When will he wake up! I wanna talk to my babyy~" Jimin said talking to no one in specific.

"First of not your Jungkook Second he'll probably wake up soon because it's been a few hours he's been out." Jin said replying to the younger.

"Is everyone asleep except us?" Jimin asked looking around and seeing everyone had their eyes closed.

"No I'm awake just don't wanna talk to you." Yoongi said surprisingly he was awake.

"Same." Taehyung said sitting up.

"Wow didnt know everyone hated me I thou-"

"Shut up." Yoongi said cutting Jimin off and standing up.


"He's sleep crying!" Yoongi said quickly walking closer to Jungkooks side as the rest followed because non of them were actually sleeping.

"Nu-noo" Jungkook quietly whines between his quite cries.

Namjoon carefully stepped forward and placed his hand on Jungkooks fore head gently shaking him,

"It's okay Jungkookie wake up its your hyungs."

Jungkook starts to squirm and slowly wakes up his cries calming down.

He slowly opens his eyes as he adjusts to the bright lights he looks around jumping at first sight of another larger human.

"Hey kookie it's your hyungs it's okay." Hoseok says in a soft calming voice as he crouched down.

Jungkook looked up suspiciously, "H-hyungs no hurt kookie? Hyungs s-still love k-kookie?"

The members all started to crouch down wanting to reassure their maknae that they loved him and would keep him safe.

"Hyungs would never hurt kookie. Hyungs wanna love and protect kookie." Jin said giving a warm smile.

Jungkook dropped his head and started to speak not looking up,

"Then why hyungs no protected kookie from bad man and friends? Kookie hurt by bad man..." Jungkook said before stopping and looking up with tears in his eyes...

"...where w-here hyungs when kookie was getting hurted?" Jungkook said as one tear fell from his brown doe eyes full of sadness.

The members were so mad at themselves, they should have been their for their baby yet he was taken and hurt.

And now they weren't sure if he would trust them again.

"Awe no kookie we tried so hard to get you all we wanted was our precious baby home so we could cuddle and protect our Jungkookie." Jimin said with glassy eyes.

Jungkook lifted his head up and brought his boney balled up fist to his eyes to wipe the tears.

"Cwuddle kookie? Kookie missed cuddlws." Jungkook said between hiccups from crying.

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