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Your POV

"Prepare for the Meet And Great" The voice from the stadium announcer echoed through all the parts inside of it, even though my own heart. I'm finally going to meet Muse!

I've been dreaming of this moment ever since they applied for the Love Live, I have been their fan ever since! I was so lucky to win this pass fort the Meet And Greet! Well, not lucky, intelligent, I was asked to answer a test of fifty questions about the members of Muse and I was the only one who got 50 right out of 50! I knew spending my nights watching the interviews and lives from the girls will be useful!

Anyways, looking in front of me I can see that I'm the fourth one in line, the first three brought loss of things for different girls, I can even see a dakimakura of Umi, maybe for her to autograph, she will faint...

"Meet And Great is starting" The announcer said and the security let us pass to the stage where the girls from Muse were seated in their respective order.

One was Kousaka-san, Minami-san, Sonoda-san, by the way she almost faints, Hanayo-san, Hoshizora-san, Nishikino-san, Yazawa-san, Toujou-san and finally my favorite girl and for the one I brought a gift, Ayase-san.

Once I was with Ayase-san she extended her hands towards me and I accepted it. "(F/N) (L/N), It's a pleasure!" She smiled at me and I gave her the box of Russian chocolates I brought with me when I moved in Japan some months ago, of course they were frozen since I didn't want to eat them.

"Chocolates?" She smiled and looked at the box closely. "Harasho! Russian chocolates?!" Her face lit up with joy.

"Elicchi" Toujou-san called her and we both turn to see her. "Look at this drawing she made for us" She showed the drawing based on Garazu No Hanazono, it was a beautiful piece of art.

"Harasho~" We both said at the same time surprising Toujou-san.

"My my~" Toujou-san lead her hand towards her mouth and looked at the both of us closely.

"I should get going" I said and stepped out of the stage looking into my hand that touched every single of the girl's in Muse.

Today was the best day of my life!

Time skip: Days Later. Dusk

I stretched being sat on one of the benches in the park. You are maybe wondering why am I alone on a place like this, well, I received a message from someone that wanted to meet me here. It was a private number and since I didn't have anything to lose and there are a lot of people around me I'm here.

"Hello" A voice called me from in front of me, paying more attention to the girl I saw it was Ayase-san, wait, is she the one I got to me?

"A-Ayase-san?!" I asked surprised because of her presence here.

"Is it occupied?" She signaled to the spot beside me and I shook my head. She then sat beside me. I can't believe I have Ayase-san just beside me wearing the Otonokizaka uniform! "So..." I gulped. "Vy tozhe russkiye? (Are you Russian too?)"

I looked at her for a second processing it before answering. "Da (Yes)" Her face lit up with joy.

"That explains the chocolates!" Ayase-san exclaimed with a smile. She then held both of my hands and got closer to me. "Can we exchange numbers?!" I blushed at her question making her to back up a little. "Sorry, I got all fired up"

"D-Don't worry" I shook my head and took my phone out of my pocket. "And yes, if you want, we can exchange numbers"

"Seriously?!" She asked and I nodded. "Let's do it!"

Time skip: A Year Later

"I like you! Please go out with me!" I confessed my feelings for the blonde Russian before everything ended for me. Today was my last day at Japan, tomorrow I'll be leaving back to Russia again to study my University at Moscow, it's probably useless but I want her to know what my feelings were.

"I like you too" Eli calmly answered making me to look at her. Don't tell me that in the middle of this park, our relationship starts and ends. "But I can't accept your confession!" She then fled away from the park in tears as I looked confused at her because of her answer.

Time skip: The Next Day

"I already said I'll be alright" My friends were saying goodbye to me at the airport as I walked backwards with a smile reassuring them that I'll come back sooner or later. Suddenly I bumped into someone else's back, I turned around at the same moment as that person and it revealed to be Eli, we both widened our eyes when we saw each other before smiling.

"Are you moving to Russia too?" Eli asked me as I nodded.

"At the end, we can be together, right?" I asked her and she nodded, she then held my hand and looked at me while blushing.

"Navechno? (For eternity?)"


I've taught you lots of things, how to think, to feel, let's see if you by your own can get knowledge from this...

Come on, surprise me

Time skip: Ten Years Later

"Mama!" The little girl extended her hands to her mother wanting to be carried.

"I understand" Eli bent over to carry her daughter and to continue walking. "Where's Daddy?"

"Here!" (Y/N) came running from behind all of them carrying all the suitcases of the family. "It feels good to be back!"

"Da" Eli said before putting a hand over her mouth. "It will cost me to get rid of the Russian again though" (Y/N) chuckled.

"It's easy" (Y/N) said looking in front all of them, Muse and (Y/N)'s friends were waving at the young couple. Something caught (Y/N)'s eyes though, there were six figures at behind them, all of them wearing white cloaks, the one in the middle nodding his head making (Y/N) to know what was happening.

It was time to finish...

Feel it deep in your heart, don't let the world to tell you not to think with it, to ignore its shouts thus Love Lives inside of it!

Tell me Captain, after all of this...

Can Love Live In You?

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