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The One Who Warms Me

Third Person POV

"And rest!" Every of the girls in Muse except from Eli and Umi fell to the floor exhausted because of he recent heavy practice they just did in preparation for their next live a month from now.

"I'm tired!" Honoka exclaimed heavily panting and looking to the sky. Then, all of the girls from Muse turned to see their helper, she was recollecting the cold water bottles and the towels for the members.

Their helper, (Y/N), walked towards them and left the bottles near of them except from Maki. What (Y/N) always did to her was simple, she sat next to her and dried her sweat with the towel, opened the bottle an give it to Maki in her hands. She had a special treatment to the red-headed and if someone else remarked that...

"I want to be treated like that too!" Honoka said to (Y/N) who looked at her coldly.

"Shut up bread monster" (Y/N) said with a serious voice before continuing to dry Maki's face.

"Kotori-cha, she called me bread monster!" Honoka went to hug Kotori pretending to cry as Kotori petted her head.

"It's alright" Kotori tried to calm Honoka as she looked towards (Y/N). "But Honoka is right you know, you have a special treatment towards Maki-chan"

"I do not" (Y/N) said while she opened the bottle of water and gave it to Maki, at the same time everyone looked at her with a sweat drop.

"A-Are you perhaps her maid?" Hanayo shyly asked making (Y/N) to look aggressively at her.

"You have been watching too much anime" (Y/N) answered and continued looking at Hanayo. "We are just friends" Because (Y/N) wasn't paying attention to Maki, she lost the face of sadness the red-headed put, but someone in the group payed special attention to her.

"It appears like more than friends in our perspective" Nozomi said with a smug smile causing (Y/N) to focus on her.

"As so you and Eli-san" Eli blushed madly at the comment while Nozomi couldn't help but to blush a little. "You don't even try to hide it"


"Enough" Umi said while clapping her hands. "Let's go back to practice" (Y/N) looked at her, sighed and nodded before going again to her usual spot near the railing of the rooftop and leaning her back to it while taking a seat.

"Alright, let-

Suddenly, tiny drops of water started to fall from the sky. The first one landed on (Y/N) head alerting her and making it to stand up, she removed her blazer and saw Maki.

In the next few seconds, a heavy rain was freed from the sky and as everyone got soaked, Maki was in her majority dried because of the blazer hanging over her head. Maki turned to see (Y/N) in front of her getting all soaked and wet before (Y/N) grabbed her wrist and dragged her out of the rooftop.

Maki felt the usual warmth from (Y/N) making her so distracted that when she noticed, all of Muse was already in the inside practice room, all of them panting and soaked from head to toe in water. Maki immediately removed the blazer on her head and give it to (Y/N). "Thank you"

(Y/N) nodded while Maki's gaze traveled to her blouse now transparent all being capable of seeing her (Y/FC) bra. (Y/N) did noticed and crossed her arms over her chest while turning around. "P-Pervert"

"(Y/N)-chan, I can see your bra" Honoka said expecting the same reaction.

"Shut up dirty old man" Honoka went to hug Kotori again crying into her shoulder.

"It looks like it is not going to stop anytime soon" Eli said looking towards the window. "Did everyone bring their umbrellas?"

"I forgot!" Honoka reacted immediately making Kotori to giggle.

"We can share mine" Kotori said to Honoka making her to smile brightly.

"Thank you so much Kotori-chan!" Honoka hugged Kotori tighter.

"I forgot too" Maki said instantly feeling a little hit over head from behind, when she looked at the one who did, she saw (Y/N) with an umbrella prepared.

"That settles it, we go change and we'll continue tomorrow"

Time skip: Minutes Later

"You shouldn't have done this you know" Maki said to (Y/N) beside her as they both walked through the sidewalk under (Y/N)'s umbrella. "You are going to get sick if you don't change fast"

(Y/N) shook her head and looked towards her uniform now wearing the blazer. "I wanted to do this"

"Can I ask you a question?" (Y/N) nodded at Maki's question. "Why do you treat me so special?" (Y/N) stood froze in her place as Maki walked out of the umbrella without knowing it getting into the heavy rain. She didn't care as when she turned around she saw the cold glare from (Y/N) looking at her. "You don't have to answer it if you don't want-

(Y/N) let her umbrella to fall on the floor as she launched towards Maki kissing her right on the lips. Maki blushed madly at the gesture and her mind raced through all laces until she decided to give in and kiss back. She embraced (Y/N)'s neck as the other girls gripped her waist pulling her closer. After they separated, they look into each other's eyes with a tender gaze. "Because I love you" Maki widened her eyes at (Y/N) sudden confession.

"I.." The doubt from Maki escaped from her mouth, she shook her head and started again. "I love you too"

The next day they both didn't go to school due to a cold...

Love changes us in lots of different ways, sometimes it's specific and reserved to the one we love, other times is a complete change of ideals and perspective, all of that for the simple objective of getting the happy end.

Time skip: Ten Years Later

"(Y/DN), say hi to our friends" Everyone was reunited in the living room of Maki and (Y/N)'s house while Maki had their little daughter between her legs.

"H-Hi" The daughter stuttered and hid behind her mom.

"She is a little shy" (Y/N) said to the Muse girls who only nodded.

"She is really cute though!" Honoka said waving at the little girl.

"Shut up you lolicon" Honoka went to hug Kotori again while crying as everyone giggled at the unchanged personality of (Y/N).

When you feel this change, you will doubt...

After all, for someone to change you like that doesn't sound right but let me tell you, once you embrace the change, you will feel like someone else...

No, let me correct myself, you will feel just like you, but better...

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