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Your POV

"Eli!" I entered into the Muse's clubroom since Eli called me here. She has been my friend for five years now but she has never asked me to meet in secret like this, even more to ask me to sneak into Otonokizaka in the middle of the night.

Although it wasn't a surprise that just the lights from the clubroom were on If she's somewhere, she is in here.

"I'm glad you came (Y/N)!" I saw her at the end of the table in the middle of the clubroom holding what appeared a pocket watch between her hands.

"Why did you call me here so late Eli?" I asked her since I was still wearing my pajamas why she was wearing the school's uniform.

"I wanted to talk" She signaled to one of the chairs beside her. "Come on, take a seat" I nodded and went to sit beside her and looking at her waiting for the topic she wanted to talk about. "So..."

"So...?" Seriously, what would it be so urgent that she wanted to see me so late at night?

"Look at this" She held the chain from the pocket watch and started to move the watch to the sides as my eyes followed the watch suit.

"What are you doing?" I asked her with my eyes still stick to the watch.

"Just concentrate" She told me still balancing the watch.

For some reason, it looks so, hypnotizing...

Third Person POV

Suddenly, the eyes from (Y/N) went empty, no light was reflected on them, no emotion or expression were shown, she was as of now a simple puppet.

"I did it!" Eli celebrated her recent victory. "Now to configure you" Eli took a finger to her chin thinking of the first order. "Every time I snap my fingers, you will enter this state, every time I say End, you return to normal" Eli waited for a few seconds until continuing. "End"

Immediate, the eyes from (Y/N) were returned to their usual life on them. They reflected confusion as to what just happened. "My head..." She took her hand to her forehead feeling a little headache. "Eli, what-

Eli interrupted her by snapping her fingers, (Y/N) eyes went dead again. "Now, hug me" (Y/N) body's moved to Eli's and hugged her as Eli returned the hug. "Separate" (Y/N) went off her and Eli smiled at her. "Return to your home, sleep and when you wake up in the morning you return to normal"

(Y/N)'s body stood up from her chair and exited the club room leaving Eli alone in there giggling at her recent action.

Time skip: The Next Day

"(Y/N)cchi, are you alright?" Nozomi asked (Y/N) who was on her desk with a hand on her forehead trying to contain her head ache.

"Just woke up feeling a little ill" She closed her eyes trying to remember what happened last night but with no avail.

"Do you need to go home?" (Y/N) shook her head at Nozomi's suggestion.

"I can continue with the day with a minor head ache" Suddenly, Eli entered into the classroom and went to talk to the both of them.

"Nozomi, (Y/N)" Eli waved at the both of them and stared at (Y/N) a little worried because of her current state.

"Elicchi, can you give (Y/N) permission to go home?" Nozomi asked Eli who remained thinking about that.

"I'm alright" (Y/N) separated her hand from her forehead and smiled at he both of them. "Don't worry about me"

Nozomi sighed at the stubbornness of her friend. "If you say so"

"(Y/N)" Eli called for (Y/N) making (Y/N) to look at her. "Can you see me after classes at the rooftop?"

(Y/N) stared at her for some seconds until nodding.

Time skip: Classes Ending

"I'm here" (Y/N) alerted her presence to the blonde girl on the rooftop. Eli turned around to look at the door smiling at the tender look of (Y/N).

"Thanks for coming" Eli smiled while (Y/N) walked closer to her.

"What do you want to talk about?" (Y/N) asked her while Eli was about to snap her fingers, something stopped her though.

"Is your head alright?" Eli asked (Y/N) with concern.

"Better at least, is that what you wanted to talk about?" Eli snapped her fingers and in an instant, (Y/N)'s eyes became lifeless.

Eli by her part, felt a little guilty but in her mind she thought that was the only way to make (Y/N) to say the words she wants to hear. "(Y/N)" She took air in order to calm herself and to prepare for the words she wants to hear. "Say: I love you"

"I..." (Y/N) started to say the phrase but something started to awaken to. "...Love..." Her eyes gain life again and in the blink of an eye, the memories from last night returned to her head. She stopped the phrase and blink sometimes recovering the conscience. She then looked at Eli in anger. "You hypnotized me!"

Eli desperately snapped her fingers but nothing resulted from that. (Y/N) started to walk towards Eli as Eli closed her eyes don't wanting to see what was about to happen. Surprisingly, (Y/N) grabbed the collar of the uniform and forced her to a kiss, Eli immediately gave into the kiss as it become more heated.

And that's how you shouldn't get a girlfriend...

Did you dare to control Love? To manipulate it?

You are screwed, legally dead if you want to put it like that. Love can't be controlled by anyone, it shouldn't be, because at the end of all, Love is the only thing that will prevail in this world.

Time skip: Ten Years Later

"Mama, how did you make Mommy to fall in love with you?" Eli was facing the most difficult question of her life, even worse than what does sex mean...

"W-Well, you see..." Eli became really nervous suddenly until (Y/N) appeared from behind her.

"She washed my brain with her words" Eli looked at her a little angry and then at her daughter who was amazed by that.

"Can you really do that Mama?!" Their daughter looked with admiration to Eli. "Teach me how to do it"

Meanwhile, (Y/N) was whispering some sweet words to Eli's ear. "You teach her and I'll kill you, Darling~"

And you may tell me it's a lie, but you don't understand something, Love doesn't just connect humans, it connects all of the living and non-living creatures, just watch at the sky when the night has come and at the day when the sun has go up and tell me...

...Don't you perceive Love?

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