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With The Ocean Between Us

Your POV

"Really?!" I asked excited through the phone, they are offering me a scholarship with the best swimming team in the world! I got it, I finally got to be recognized and scouted!

"Really, we want you (Y/N)" This must be a dream, no wait, a fantasy! I pinched my arm and when I felt the pain I gotten times happier. "So do you accept?"

"Of course I do!" I exclaimed with my heart and stomach full of happiness. My brain was just celebrating everything of my success and my body was in an eternal party remembering all that I ached to go through to get in here.

"That's great! I'll send you the plane ticket for you to come here into America, also we'll be covering the expenses of your housing and basic needs, you just need to worry about training, see you (Y/N)!" The call ended before I could make another question.

I was so excited that I started jumping all around my room! Screaming of ecstasy and launching my fists into the air until I remembered a slight little detail. America?

How will I tell my girlfriend about this?

Time skip: The Next Day. Beach

"Over here!" I called my girlfriend from the beach, she is no other than one of the most beautiful girls in Uchiura, Watanabe Yō, member of Aqours.

"(Y/N)-kun!" She stepped down to the beach and ran towards me hugging me almost tackling me to the floor. I hugged back and pulled her close to me feeling her warms until all of this finally goes down. She giggled at my sudden action and let me do my way. After some more moments like that, we separated and she looked at me in curiosity. "So what do you wanted to talk about?"

I smiled at her curiosity and petted her head, for some reason the words I had prepared just won't get out of my mouth. "Y-You see..." I chuckled at my little stuttering and stopped petting her head, I inhaled deeply and started again. "I've been scouted"

Her lights lit up with emotion and excitement for me. "Really?! That's great! Did the Uchiura team finally accepted you?!"

Let's start with the hard part, I shook my head while looking to the floor. "Not Uchiura's"

"Another team in Japan?! Tokyo maybe?! I knew you would get far!" She hugged me again.

I had to separate from her to tell her the truth. "Not Japan" She widened her eyes. "I'm moving to America, my parents already accepted"

"America? But that means..." She looked to the sand.

"We won't be seeing anymore" I continued her phrase also looking at the sand.

"But you will come back right?" She looked at me with hopeful eyes.

"I don't know" I smiled sadly at her. "I'm sorry"

She widened her eyes as she started crying. Then she ran away from the beach, even if it hurts, this is for the best, right?

Time skip: The Next Day

Third Person POV

"What do I do?" Yō asked after a sigh to all of her eight friends inside of their club room.

"In my opinion..." Riko started answering. "...If it is his dream you should let him go"

"I knew that but..." Yō looked at her hands with her fingers fidgeting. "...I don't want him to leave me"

"Have you talked to him?" Kanan asked the poor depressed swimmer who only shook her head as an answer. "Try to convince him that there will be other lots of opportunities if he stays by your side"

"Should I really do that?" Yō raised her gaze looking at all of her eight friends in deep thinking. At the end, the all nodded at the same time, some of them with more doubts than the others. "Alright! I'll do it!"

Time skip: Dusk. Beach

"(Y/N)-kun!" Yō called her boyfriend as soon as she spotted him walking through the beach. The boy smiled and jogged towards her stopping in front of her once he was near enough.

"Hi" The boy briefly said a little nervous because of what happened yesterday. "What did you want to talk about?"

Yō immediately looked down it the sand in sadness remembering the main reason of this talk. "Do you really need to go away?"

(Y/N) sighed and nodded in sadness. "I'm really sorry"

Yō shook her head and looked at him. "Don't do it" (Y/N) looked at her a little surprised because of her words.


"Stay with me" Yō interrupted him. "New opportunities will come for sure, even if you stay in Uchiura" She then grabbed his hands and hold them tightly. "Just please don't go"

"Yō!" He exclaimed trying to stop her from saying anything else. "It's out of my hands now, my parents already sign the contract, they are officially my new team and my new high school"

"B-But...!" Yō tried to talk but her words were drowned by sadness as her tears roll out freely from her eyes. "F-Fine! Go away and don't come back!" She then ran away again leaving him on the beach with tears rolling out of his eyes.

Time skip: A Month Later

Your POV

"Do you regret coming here?" I stood on the beach, not of Uchiura but of Los Angeles staring at the vast ocean in front of me. The one who talked to me, Amelie, appeared from behind me and stood beside me weaning a white two piece swimsuit.

"I don't know" I sighed and turned to look at her. "I missed my parents and friends there but I regret not being able to properly say goodbye to someone special"

"Your girlfriend I presume?" Amelie asked me.

"Ex-girlfriend, I took it as that when I texted her the day and hour I'll be taking the train to Tokyo from Uchiura and didn't appear" I chuckled and looked back to the ocean.

"Don't worry..." She put a hand on my shoulder making me to look at her. "...You will surely meet lots more of girls!" She said while winking.

But what if I don't want another one?

But, if the Love is weak, desperate, not pure, then don't even fight, don't even test it because both parts will be left alone in the dark...

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