Cheating! Yuuki Anju x Male! Reader x Kira Tsubasa

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The Princesses

Your POV

My feet lightly take me through the expense halls of the UTX academy, my calmed demeanor always accompanying me wherever I go and even more if my destination is to see my girlfriend Anju!

We've been dating for three years now, ever since we started high school, so good times when we started dating, although I have to say that she has changed ever since then, she even joined a popular school idol group, A-Rise! I'm so proud of her that I always go to every single of their lives and acquire all of the limited time merchandising including her!

But I wonder, ever since lately she's been avoiding me for some reason, I must have done something to upset her so I'm just returning from the kitchen of the school in which I made a basket full of cookies and other candies! I can't wait for her to enjoy them. Of course I have permission to enter UTX

Talking about her, I just arrived to the spot she always is with her idol group, a private room with couches and a giant TV with a beautiful sight to Tokyo. They have lots of luxuries due to their popularity.

I was about to knock on the door to warn of my presence until I heard a voice coming from the other side of the door saying my name. "What about (Y/N)-san?" I know I shouldn't be doing this but the mention of my name gave me curiosity and I put an ear to the door.

"What about him?" That voice was from my girlfriend, Anju. Don't tell me, she is actually talking about me to her friends! I love you so much Anju!

"Aren't you and him dating?" That voice is from Erina-san, a partner of Anju in A-Rise, that's confusing, the members of the group should know more than anyone in the school that we are dating, we are always acting so lovey-dovey around them.

"Technically" What do you mean by technically? We are literally dating. "What does it matter?"

"Isn't doing this a little wrong?" Doing what? I want to know!

"Who cares?" Anju said before the two of them entered into a silence for some moments until Erina talked again.

"I love you Anju" What? What is happening?

"I love you too~!" Anju answered in her usual playful tone. In surprise I let the basket of cookies to fall on the floor revealing my presence.

"What are you doing here (Y/N)?" I turned around and saw Kira-chan looking at me in confusion.

"I..."  Immediately after, the door behind me opened and I heard a surprised Anju.

"(Y/N)?!" This was too much for me. I couldn't even organize my feelings until I started to run way from the scene.

What did I do wrong?

Third Person POV

"What happened?" Tsubasa asked the two shocked girls in front of them, her menacing aura putting the both of them very nervous.

"N-Nothing" Anju tried to lie resulting in a total failure due to her stuttering.

"Why are both of your uniforms disorganized?" Kira asked again, this time looking at Erina.

"Nothing happened really" Erina did a better try at lying but at Tsubasa's eyes, she could see that Erina was lying, something rare in her.

"I'll take a guess then" Tsubasa crossed her arms and looked at the both of them slowly. "Don't tell me that you were cheating on (Y/N)?!" They both looked down with their faces blushing in bright red with her eyes reflecting regret and sadness. "Is this why I surrendered on him during first year?! For you to break his heart like that?!" Tsubasa exclaimed at Anju who didn't answer at all. "Answer me!"

"Of course not!" Anju answered back in the same tone.

"Why did you do it then?!" Tsubasa asked.

"B-Because..." Anju looked away in shame. "...He didn't want to kiss me"

"What are you talking about?! You were always kissing in front of me!" Tsubasa asked with her anger slowly rising.

"But only that! We never advance further than that!" Anju looked at Tsubasa only realizing how fool her reason was until she yelled it out making her to widen her eyes.

"So, you only did it because of pleasure?" Tsubasa asked coldly making Anju to see down to the floor. "Forget it, I'm going after him"

Time skip: Hours Later. Roof top

Your POV

The breeze here, is quite calming...

I sighed as scratched my nape. I obviously know what I did wrong, I knew it all along but didn't want to admit it. That's maybe the reason of why I never let Anju to make our sessions more heated because...

I'm a hypocrite...

"All this time..." I decided to say my feelings out loud and to hear how they sound, how they echoed through the wind and to realize if they were real after all. "...I've liked Kira-chan" A smile formed on my lips when I said those words, so they were true after all.

"I hoped you mean that" I heard a voice from behind me and I turned around blushing not even being able to see who was it until I felt a pair of lips against mine. For some reason, they felt calming, addictive, this weren't Anju's, this ones were so much more gentle. Before I got the chance to kiss back, the girl who kissed me separated from me and revealed to be Kira-chan.

"W-What are you doing here?" I blushed madly after the kiss she just gave me.

"I've been looking for you like crazy all over the school" She smiled gently at me and hugged me. "I'm relieved to see you are alright"

I hugged back and didn't let go from her. "T-Thank you" I smiled in her embrace and buried my face on her neck. "A-And yes, I mean it"

Kira-chan giggled a little. "I love you too"

Not long ago I heard this beautiful quote:

"We cannot choose our Destiny but we can choose what it is going to be in it"

The context itself is that we cannot decide whether if we die or not, but we can decide what will happen before that, it's the same here...

...We cannot decide who we end with but we can decide the trip we are going to take to get to the our Destined One

Time skip: Ten Years Later

"Kira!" I launched unto my wife as soon as she stepped on the backstage followed by her two partners. "You were wonderful out there!" I then kissed her on the lips without realizing the two girls accompanying her"Oh, sorry!" I separated and looked at the two girls. "Good job you two, Toudou-san, Yuuki-san!" They both looked sad when I called them like that, no that I care of course. "Kira, let's go home!"

"I'm going! I'm going! Just let me change!" She said trying to get past me until I swept her feet and carried her bridal style.

"I'll go with you!"

"Of course not!"

So tell me, the path you have chosen...

Is it the long one? Full of emotions and feelings, of memories and people...

Or the short one? The empty and lonely...

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