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Sea Breeze

Your POV

"Fix your uniform!"

"Clean the deck!"

"Don't slack off or I'll throw you off the deck!"

Why is she so mean to me? This is my first sea trip, is obvious that I don't know what to do just yet. She is always shouting me, telling me what to do or what I'm doing wrong, even when I do things right she shouts me. What does Captain Watanabe has against me?

I graduated with honors from the navy school, within my class I'm the one with most probabilities to be promoted to captain one day, they told Captain Watanabe when I was put under her command thus I expected her to be a little nicer or having some more patience with me, or even give me an opportunity to see what I was made of.

But now...

But now...!

I'm cleaning the deck with a toothbrush just because I didn't tidy up my bed after I woke up this morning!

"(L/N)" Her voice echoed from behind me. In surprise I immediately stood up, turned around and saluted her properly.

"Captain!" I stood straight and looked into her eyes, those oceanic eyes that always hypnotize me when I looked at her and thus the main reason of my problems with her. Once, she threaten me to throw me off the deck herself if I stared too much at her.

"I wanted to apologize"

But I wonder what happened that made her be so strict and evil. At first sight she looks like a sweet gentle woman. Also, that white navy uniform she uses really makes her body to stand out. Surprisingly enough, she doesn't have a husband, or a wife, or anything.

"Are you listening?"

Just once she has been gentle too me, it was our first meeting when I asked her if I could use a captain's hat along with my uniform since it gave me certain calm when I use it. My father gave it to me when he took me with him on a little trip around the world. In case you are wondering, my father is the famous Captain (L/N), the best in the story of the JNSDF!

"Do you want me to throw you off the deck?"

He always supported me and even encouraged me to follow his steps. Always telling me that there's no time in this lifetime to discover all the wonderful things in the world. Still, being here with Captain Watanabe makes me think that I found one of them!

"That's enough!" Captain Watanabe grabbed me from my uniform and pushed me to the edge of the deck, I entered into panic as I was imagining lots of things, one of them was if she really was going to do it. When my lower back hit the barrier, my body felt along with my head moved violently backwards making my captain's hat to go flying off my head and falling in the Pacific Ocean.

Just as I felt something missing from my head, I pushed Captain Watanabe off me and looked over the edge seeing my hat getting away from me. "My hat!" I tried to run but I felt a grip on my wrist that didn't let me. Turning around I found Captain Watanabe looking furiously at me.

"Now you've done it" She said calmly while I could only think about my hat.

"I'll receive any punishment but..." I tried to break free from her grip but her strength was superior than mine. "...Let me go for my hat!"

"You are not going anywhere" I continued trying to get out form her grip.

"You don't understand, that hat is special to me!" Her grip became tighter each time I tried to pull away.

"What's special with that silly hat of yours?! You can always buy it on a souvenir store!" That comment hurt me deep inside of me, any hat? I told her the story the first time we get to know each other, she said that she understood how special it was to me...

"Idiot!" I slapped her on the cheek, she was so surprised that she let go off me and I started running away from her.

Time skip: Hours Later

I was still crying hidden between the covers of my room...

Nor did I just lose my father's hat but I ruined every possibility with Captain Watanabe.

"(L/N)" I heard her soft and gentle voice coming from the other side of the metallic door. "May I come in?"

"You may" I tried to sound as normal as possible when I heard the door being opened. I was still hiding between my covers and hugging my legs when I felt a weight on my bed beside me.

"Take the covers off" Since it was a direct order, I took them off and looked at her letting her to see my tears still flowing.

"I wanted to apologize for everything I've done" What? She really means it?

"You don't have to worry Captain" I tried to show my mots gentle smile but then she shook her head.

"You see, I..." She took her captain's hat from her head and put it between us. "...I served with your father when I was a recruit just like you" I widened my eyes at the sudden confession. "I traveled with him all around the world and he always took care of me as if I was his daughter, even though she already had you. When I was promoted to Captain, he asked me for a favor, he said that if someday, something happened to him, that I take care of her daughter as he did with me because eye knew someday you'll be in the same position as me" She grabbed the hat and put it over my head. "That's why I started to be so strict with you, not because he wanted me to but because I..." She looked at me while blushing. "...I started to grow feelings for you"

"Captain Watanabe..."

"I'll understand if-

I grew tired of listening and kissed her to shut her up, she immediately start to kiss back and embraced my figure.

That night was definitely one to remember...

To disguise Love as Hate...

To try and hate someone just because you don't want to love that someone...

How naïve can they be?

Time skip: Five Years Later

"Captain (L/N)!" I turned around seeing one of the rookies in the ship. She was holding one of the phones with direct link to our port. "Captain Watanabe wants to talk to you"

"Watanabe?" I grabbed the phone and thanked the rookie, I then turned around and saw the deck from the cabin. After, I put the phone on my ear. "Hello?"

"(Y/N)!" The cheery voice from my wife. "Look behind you!" Behind me? I exited the cabin and saw at the tail of the destroyer.

"From where did you get a battleship?!" I exclaimed seeing the ship twice the size of mine behind us.

"An American loan!" I'm so jealous of her right now! "Oh, and of course you can be here!"


"When you get promoted again!"

I will never touch a battleship!

I've said it before, Love and Hate are so similar, so Love or Hate someone, it will be the same thing...

At the end we don't make the decision, it is not in our power, our emotions control themselves.

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