Shy! Yandere! Younger Sister! Ayase Eli x Older Brother! Male! Reader

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Warning: Incest, Blood, Insults and other situations that can affect the sensibility of the reader


Blood-Flavored Chocolate

Your POV

"Are you sure I can stay at your home?" The little female friend beside me asked out of nowhere while I was carrying her backpack with all of her clothes and things she will need for a week.

"Positive!" I answered her looking at her with a smile.

And no, before you start making any hurried conclusion she is not my girlfriend and no, I'm not trying to make a move on her while she is sleeping or anything of the sort. You see, some days ago, her house was caught on fire, it almost destroyed everything in the inside but fortunately it didn't damage the house structure the enough to be considered a total loss. That's why, while the repairmen is on, I invited Amelie to my home to spend the week since their parents chose an hotel very far from our university.

"Anyways, how did your house got on fire?" I asked her and for some reason she blushed slightly.

"R-Remember my engineering project?" I nodded, she was studying to become an engineer, although I wouldn't have imagined it back in high school. "L-Let's just say that I'm not good with voltage"

"So your house caught on fire because of a project?" She nodded shyly. "You are unbelievable" She pouted and continued walking beside me., she even continued while I stopped in front of my house. "Over here"

She turned around and saw me signaling to my home. "I already knew it!" She exclaimed and went to knock on the door while I moved aside for what is to come.

The door immediately flung open and someone tackled Amelie to the floor, my shy and cute little sister, Ayase Eli. "O-O-Oni-chan!" Then, she felt the chest of Amelie and started to sniff on her smell and separated from Amelie. "T-This is not you"

"I'm here" I called her and she smiled again when she saw me. She jumped from Amelie and hugged me.

"W-Welcome home" Her quiet warm voice whispered into my ear.

"Thank you" I separated from her and went to see Amelie who was almost knocked out on the floor. "Hey, wake up" I kicked her gently two times before she reacted and stood up.

"Even I if I don't act like one, I'm a lady!" She exclaimed and stood up dusting her clothes.

"O-Oni-chan..." Eli hid behind my back while looking at Amelie. "...W-W-Who is she?"

"She is Amelie Hart, she'll be staying with us for a week until her house is completely repaired, Amelie, meet my little sister, Ayase Eli" I explained and Amelie bowed.

"It's a pleasure" Amelie smiled before standing straight again.

"W-What's your relationship with Oni-chan?" Eli asked and Amelie blushed slightly.

"J-Just friends..." Did I just sense a bit of sadness in her voice?

Doesn't matter, for now, she should take a shower and I should prepare dinner for the three of us since dad and mom hasn't returned home yet. "Anyways, let's get in"

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