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Judgement Of Love

Your POV

"Take them to the hospital ASAP!"

What happened? Why do I see everything in black?

"He's losing lots of blood, at this point he'll need a transfusion!"

A transfusion? Blood? Now I remember, that man. Did I stop him? Did I managed to save the people?

"Congratulations, we've saved a savior"

So I did make it huh? I saved everyone from that terrorist threatening to shot out everyone in and around the Tokyo Tower, he had the arsenal and the ability to do it so if I couldn't stop him, he will have achieved his objective at the end.

My wounds, they hurt, did an explosion caused me this? No, they are too far one from another to be from an explosion, bullets? Most probably, but how? I wore the last tech in bullet protection, how could he have pierced it? He planned to attack everyone, even through walls of steel apparently.

But at least, at the very end, I got my revenge. All of this happened because I was caught in the crossfire as a kid, I lost both of my parents back in America for the fault of that psycho, ever since then, I've been improving my abilities and capturing criminals in America. When I took notice that the same man who attacked my parents was about to strike again, I knew it was my moment. I'm grateful that I was right, but..

What happens now?

My eyes opened with the first thing I see being a pair of amethyst eyes in front of me accompanied by strands of red hair and fair white skin. "You are awake" She separated from my face and went to write something on a clipboard. Then I sat up and look at my torso, I had no shirt but lots of bandages covered my skin. The nurse immediately put both of her hands to my shoulders and forced me back to lie down. "Take it easy, you just woke up from a surgery"

"Young lady, I've been in worse conditions than this" I took both of her hand from my shoulders and sat again. "I can resist a pair of bullets"

"Thirteen actually" She corrected while looking at me. Thirteen? That's a new record...

I smiled and looked at her directly into her eyes, she is cute, like a lot, maybe she is my type of woman. "No matter the count, Death hasn't come for me in all these years, I doubt it comes now"

"Whatever you say" The nurse answered and stared at me for some seconds before shaking her head. "Anyways, I was asked to say this, since you got illegal weapons and artifacts into Japan, they have been confiscated but since you saved hundreds if not thousands of people, your crimes were forgiven"

I sighed and looked at my hands. "I won't need them anyway"

"May I ask a question?" She asked me and I looked at her. "What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a bounty hunter, although they know me as a vigilante, see it however you want to" I answered briefly with a little smile at the end.

"How do you speak fluently the Japanese, the record says that you didn't leave America until coming here" She checked the clipboard in her hands.

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