I got him dressed and then went and grabbed his high topped Nike Air Force 1s I put him in his play pin and went and put on my ripped skinny Jeans and a white shirt with my airforce 1s that matched Dominic's.

I put two braids in my hair and kissed Carl's cheek I grabbed Dominic and went downstairs Jahseh was on the couch I gave him Dominic and I grabbed My MCM bag and put Diapers and wipes in it.

I grabbed Dominic from Jahseh and looked for the keys "Where the fuck are my keys" I asked Jahseh and he shrugged his shoulders I gave him Dominic again and went upstairs.

I went into my bedroom and went threw Carl's pockets and found the keys I came down the stairs and Jahseh said "where are u going" and i said "The grocery store we need food in this house"

He passed Dominic back to me and said "can I come with u" i didnt really see anything wrong with it "Sure hurry up I'm leaving in exactly 3 minutes" I said as i walked out the door.

Before I put Dominc in I started the car and let the air run threw the car then I put him in we are in the middle of a heat wave and I don't feel like having to take him to the hospital for heat stroke.

I buckled him into his carseat and put a movie in and I shut the door and went to the drivers side as Jahseh came out I climbed in my seat and Jahseh opened the passenger side door and said "your tiny ass has to climb in the car"

"You no what Jahseh this car was made for tall people ok You aren't that far from me" I started driving as i said that I pulled out of the drive way and Headed to Walmart.

Carl started calling my phone but when I went to click answer my phone slipped and I clicked decline so I called him back

Carl❤💉- Hello

Jazmin❤💊- Hey I didn't mean to decline your call the first time I'm driving and my phone fell outta my hand.

Carl❤💉- it's ok but where are u ?

Jazmin❤💊- on the way to Walmart

Carl❤💉- is Jahseh with u

Jazmin❤💊- He was he asked me to drop him off somewhere.

Carl❤💉- Ok I'll see u when u get back then

Jazmin❤💊- Ok ig


Jazmin❤💊- Bye??

Ok somethings wrong with Carl frfr so I turned all the way back around and dropped Jahseh off somewhere idk he told me to take him some where so I did so no I'm not lieing l.

I turned back and headed to the house Dominic was sleep in the back I pulled into the driveway and got out and went inside "Where's carl" they all shrugged there shoulders wtf I went upstairs he wasn't up there.

I checked the bathroom he wasn't in here I ran downstairs and out the front door I got in the car and pulled out of the drive way and parked in front of the Gallagher house.

I got out and went in " is Carl here" I asked the first person I seen witch was lip "no" he said wtf I ran out of the house and got in the car and grabbed my phone and called his phone and he didn't answer.

I called him like 8 times and he didn't answer wtf Carl you no I new this shit was gonna happen I should have never fucked him last night.

I pulled off from the house and went to Walmart I guess there's nothing to be worried about I mean shit he left like everybody else does when I got to Walmart I got out and went got Dominic out.

He was till asleep I grabbed the cart cover and his diaper back and shut the car door I started walking into Walmart when a guy walked up to me he was a lightskin with blue eyes "Wassup ma you kinda cute"

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