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I'll try with a songfic, I hope you like it! Song: Give you the world by Kyle Kupecky


I Wanna Give You The World

Your POV

"Watanabe Yō, please go out with me!" I bowed to the girl I've been in love ever since we were kids. I've known her for all my life at the same time she and I met Chika, but my heart belongs only to her, to the sailor that stole my heart and caused my mind to go wild.

I now have prepared the perfect moment, the perfect time and the perfect night to ask her out. As I'm doing this, at one side of us, lots of fireworks shine in the sky as we are the only witnesses for this beautiful moment.

"I-I..." I could hear her doubting, please, don't reject me! "I do!" My eyes shine as my gaze looked up to beautiful ocean eyes, her hair flowing free at the night breeze and her gentle posture enveloped by that short white dress of hers captivating me completely.

The smile I wore that day drew itself on my face as I hugged and raised Yō high in the air. "I love you! I love you!"

I wanna take you down to Main Street
Your favorite place in town

We'll walk along that old roadTill the setting sun goes downThen I'll get down on one kneeAnd see forever in your eyesAnd say I want a lifetime you and I

We were now seated on the beach admiring the beautiful ocean opening up in front of our eyes. Our hands intertwined and silence engulfing us as now, words cannot repair her. Aqours won the Love Live, that's a blessing but, apart from that, it's a cruelty, they need to separate, each and every one of them has a future in front of them.

"(Y/N)" Yō called me and I turned my head to look at her. "Thank you"

I smiled and caressed her cheek admiring the way she closed her eyes at my touch. "I'm here for you, I'll always be" She smiled and opened her eyes, this time looking into mine.

"Here!" She leaned and gave me a peck on the lips, I ended blushing slightly at the gesture. "For being such a good boyfriend!"

I chuckled and leaned towards her catching her lips on a gentle kiss that we both will remember as our first kiss.

Here in this moment Standing face to face
Let me take you deeper
Till we're heart to heart
And all the space between is over
And you finally feel the love that you deserve
Come with me
Take my hand

"Watanabe Yō, you have made me the happiest man on Earth..." I arranged everything again to perfection. We were having a dinner in the middle of the beach all by ourselves in the middle of the night with the candle as our only source of warm and light. My formal suit was perfectly arranged until I kneeled in front of her and took a small box from my pocket. It was magical the way she put both of her hands to her mouth in surprise and happiness. "...I can't take any more time without you by my side, will you honor this man and become my wife?"

I opened the little box and revealed a silver ring with a lapis lazuli rock in the middle with a heart carved neatly on it. "Of course!" She jumped from her seat and tackled me to the sand with both of us laughing.

I wanna give you the worldI wanna take you to an old churchYou'll be wearing whiteAnd you'll walk down the aisleWith your father at your sideWe'll promise this love alwaysNo matter what may come our wayBe my wife and I'll chase you everyday

"Watanabe Yō, do you accept this man, in the good and bad moments, in sickness and health, in poverty and wealthy until death pulls you apart?" The pries asked this woman in front of me, she dressed in completely white as her eyes shone inn pure excitement.

"Yusra!" She saluted me and everyone laughed at her gesture.

"Then, I declare you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" I leaned into her and kissed her right on the lips enjoying every second of this moment. As of today she is known as Yō (L/N).

I have prayed for youThrough lonely nightsI waited for youAnd now you're holding me tightYour heart is what I'll treasureAnd God will be my guideThis life of love spent by your side

"Be careful on the beach you two!" I shouted at the boy and a girl my wife and I had a year after the wedding.

"Let them have their fun!" My wife appeared from behind me and hugged my back perking her head out of it and seeing the children. "Don't they remind you of something?"

"To the two of us" We both smiled and stared at our kids playing in the sea.

"Thank you" Yō said out of nowhere.

"What for?" I turned to look at her in confusion as she smiled gently.

"For giving me the world"

The Perfect Love Story...

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