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To Seduce A Princess

Your POV

"Thank you so much for your help (Y/N)-chan!" One of my friends at the archery club thanked me.

"It's no problem actually" I smiled at her while continuing to follow her through the gardens of the school on route to the archery club

"Do you exercise a lot?" She asked me as I looked at her confused about the question.

"What do you mean?" I asked her.

"You are carrying five hundred pounds (225 kilos) in equipment as nothing" She stared at the big box between my hands.

"Oh right, I forgot it was there" I giggled and continued to follow her. "Let's see, I tried once to go to a gym but the owner kicked me out of it"

"Why?" When she asked I remembered what happened in the gym and started to giggle.

"I send all of the weights of a machine rocketing to the sky" I continued giggling as I saw my friend watching me a little scared.

"P-Put it in the storage and we will be over" She signaled me to the backdoor of the archery club building. I nodded and she opened the storage for me to enter and put the box in a corner of it.

"Ready!" I stretched my arms and turned to look at the girl in the door.

"Thank you so much (Y/N)!" She smiled at me and I nodded. Then I exited the storage and turned to look at her. "How can I pay you?"

"With nothing, I like helping people out!" I smiled although my answer didn't completely satisfied her.

"Come on, you know how I handle the information around Otonokizaka" Her aura became a little scaring. Usually, people doesn't feel scared of me at first sight until I use my force, well, it's the same for her, they think they are cute until she gets that creepy smile out. "How about information about your crush?"

I blushed madly at her words. "H-How do you know that?!"

"My job is to know, but everyone does about your crush for the girl in your classroom, the Student Council President, Ayase Eli" I tried to look away but she only moved to match my gaze. "How about her usual panty colors? Oh, or about her past as a ballerina? Maybe what she likes in women?"

"How do you know all of that?!" I exclaimed at her while she only put a hand over her mouth.

"So you really don't want to be paid, that's a shame" She turned around and almost walks away but something got into me and led me to grip her wrist, obviously controlling my strength.

"Tell me" I coldly said.

"Light Blue! She lost! And strong dependable women! Just let go you She-Hulk!" I let her wrist go while she turned to see at me blowing at her wrist to calm the pain.

"Thank you for the information!" I smiled innocently and walked away from her.

After no one could see me, when I was at the entrance already ready to go, I sighed. For this ability to be my talent, it doesn't suit me, or at least is what I think. I try my best to be girls but men and women treat me as if I wasn't a girl, they are harsher with me and more aggressive believing that I can take the strikes, my body can but my mind cannot.

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