Vampire! Nishikino Maki x Abused! Female! Reader

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Warning: Blood, Insults and other situations that can affect the sensibility of the reader


Let Me Save You

Maki's POV

Is this really the family that abused her? So low humans, so weak of mind and body, they dared to touch my property, so I'll punish them just a little.

My eyes were set on the mansion in front of me, that big house inspired by the Victorian arquitecture is about to go down as they made one of the most powerful houses in Tokyo, the Nishikino Family has targeted them.

I formed my fingers in the form of a gun and pointed at the house, (Y/N) is at mine so it wouldn't matter if I take everything to the ground right?

Flashback: Days Before

"And then she pushed me to the sea saying Long Life The Captain!!" I giggled at her story, her smile is something you can never rest from right? That shine always coming from her, those eyes shining and always full of light, I'm proud to call her mine. "Maki?" She moved her hand in front of me waking me up from my day dream.

"I'm here" I answered with a smile. She and I have been dating for some time now, of course, she still doesn't know my plans with her, but she is about to.

"What happened? You were out for a second there" Her face of concern pierced through every piece of my being.

"I didn't know you were so concerned for me (Y/N)" She blushed slightly at my comment.

"O-Of course I am, you are my girlfriend after all" She looked away blushing while I giggled.

"You love me that much?" She nodded. "I can't blame you, even I love me" Then she looked at me with a pout. "And of course, I love you the same"

She smiled brightly at my comment and we both continued talking in the gardens of Otonokizaka.

End Of The Flashback

I decide not to throw everything to the floor for now, let's take it slow...

I walked through the halls of (L/N)'s household, behind me were pools of blood and lifeless bodies everywhere, my black short dressed was soaked in the red liquid as so was my mouth. The black gloves on my hands were dripping blood as in my right hand I held a human head. He really is secured huh? He doesn't want anyone to know of his little pedophilia.

I looked to the front and saw other three guards pointing their guns at me, all of them were trembling probably because of the head I'm holding. I just stared at them, waiting for them to make a move until they started shooting.

With just a look I stopped all the bullets of their guns in front of me in the air. When they ran out of ammo they were paralyzed. "My turn" I turned around all the bullets and pointed them at the one in the center, I released them and more than fifty bullets impacted in its chest completely obliterating it and leaving a giant hole to see through him, he fell like a puppet whose strings were cut. The other two guards received all the blood from him and in panic they ran away from me.

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