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7 years ago:

"Danni I thought I told you to be careful playing outside.. it can be dangerous out there you know," my tired mother says as I sit down wincing in pain as she grabs the tweezers, "how far were your travels."

"I went to Little Boa's house.. bubba didn't even come and play," I mumble in pain as she picks at the glass in the bottom of my foot, some blood oozing out making the shard harder to grasp and see.

"You know you should call before just walking over there darling. You know we keep you safe but there's danger in the world," she says softly causing my eyes to water in fear.

"I don't want to fear all the time momma," I say wiping my swollen eyes as she sighs bandaging up the bottom of my foot, "then let's go baby. We can go get yourself some ice cream. Nothing scary about that right?"

Later that night:

My feet ache as I run through the cave barefoot and my heart races as the torch light blows out causing me to run harder from the animals inside me.

"Get away," I hear someone in the distance say followed by a boom. I look around no longer able to see the cave or hear the bear as I slowly wake from my dreams.

"You'll have to get through me before you lay a hand on her. I'm not afraid to do what I must. Now leave," I quietly walk downstairs lifting my head about the ledge to see my mom and three men. She was holding a gun not scared like I was.

She pulls the trigger before falling to the floor as they shot their bullets. She only shield was her agility and she had to work fast. I watch the guy fall to the floor deep crimson coming from his chest and filling up his mouth as the others followed my mom. She turned around whipping a chair at them in hopes to hold them back as she runs down in the basement. I run downstairs as the men follow her my eyes blurry with tears as I see the men quietly run down. I lean over gasping as they were creeping up behind her.

"Mama run!" I yell as mom turns around just in time to block a punch but the other man put her in a choke hold. She struggles gasping for air and kicking him with her heels but he wouldn't give. I watch in horror as the gunman loads his gun and puts it to my moms temple. Without thinking I grab the glass dragon orament on the ledge and throw it at him. He lets out a screech as the emerald green dragon was beginning to seep in blood from piercing the shooters hand.

"Danni run!" She yells before the brown haired man holding her wringed her neck and dropped her to the floor.

I clasp my mouth with my hand squealing a cry as my shaking body stands up and starts to run for the front door.

"Papa where are you papa? Why aren't you answering papa?" I cry running out the house and down the porch before heading for the woods instead of the road. They were older and taller I didn't want them to potentially catch up. I run in the woods trying to follow my trail of blue tied knots.

I hear police sirens down the road and the snap of a branch as I continued running. I couldn't stop. Even though my legs felt like jelly and my feet killed the adrenaline and tears drove me to keep running. When the sirens were no longer visible or audible I find a large enough tree and start climbing. I don't know whats in these woods but chances are the more dangerous enemies are down below. As I climb I feel my palms ache from my over all fatigue and I feel them rub away raw from the dryness of the bark.

As I climb it gets harder and harder to pull myself up and my crying continues to constantly drain me. I couldnt believe all that happened and I couldn't push it out of my head. As soon as I threw myself up high enough I let out a cry and pull at my hair.

"Why momma why did you have to go? Why did I have to see? Papa where were you? You were supposed to be home! You're never home!" I scream through my tears having a mental breakdown as my head pounds from the headache these tears were giving me, "how can I go on!"

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