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Difficult To Catch

Third Person POV

There are different talents in the world, different abilities different humans can make ever since they were born. This is the origin of the eternal fight between talent and effort, normally, the ones with the talent are greedy and trust a lot in their abilities while the ones who made the effort do not, but what happens if the papers change?

As of now, our heroine of the story is trying to hide for an specific someone. A cheerful girl of the same age as her, she is usually calm but something is altered inside of her when she sees the poor (Y/N). The calmed maiden just wants to catch her at all costs, she even spends all of her lunch trying to do it but as of now, she hasn't been able too.

(Y/N) now is...

Wait a moment, she is...


I lost her!

How could I lose her?! I'm the author for crying out loud!

Your POV

"(Y/N)cchi? Where are you?~" Nozomi-san is just below me! Why does she have to pursue me every day! Fortunately, she always lost me at this point, if you are wondering, I'm at the top of a tree, one of the lots of trees at the entrance of Otonokizaka. Anyways, what with her hands?! Why is she moving them that way?! She gives me the creeps!

"Nozomi!" The President! Thanks you so much Ayase-san! "What are you doing here?" I saw Ayase-san looking at me from the corner of her eye as I blushed at the sudden eye contact.

"I'm looking for (Y/N)cchi" Nozomi-san replied with a smile.

"I saw her in the girl's bathroom five minutes ago" Thank you so much Ayase-sama!

"If you tell where she is I'll buy an entire box of chocolates!"

"There!" You traitor!

"(Y/N)cchi!" Nozomi exclaimed in happiness while looking at me. I knew I had to act fast so I jumped from the tree branch surprising the two girls, did a front flip in the middle of the air being careful with my skirt, landed on my legs and started running away.

It didn't take long until I lost her again, this time I'm in the locker of this abandoned classroom. I sighed and put my hand to my chest feeling my accelerated heartbeat.

Seriously, that girl is going to end with me someday, always chasing and hunting me down as if I was an animal or a trophy but even so...

The day I got sick and I was in calm for the first time, I didn't enjoy it and felt that something was missing, up until she came to my home and visited me to ensure that I was alright. She could have got me in that point but she didn't, she cared more for me than completing her hunt...

Am I growing feelings for her?

Meanwhile the Author

That was not on the script you little...!

Come on! Show yourself!

Time skip: Hours Later

I sighed as I leaned my back on the tree behind me. School was over some moments ago and I had to run away from Nozomi-san once again. All day I have been wondering in how I feel for her...

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