Chapter 6: Kat

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I was too afraid to move from my bed after the talk I'd had with Heather's parents earlier that day.

Sergio had brought me back up to my bedroom for the time being, thrown me inside and locked the door and I'd been alone ever since.

I'd taken off my pants and unclasped my bra before crawling under the blanket I'd been given, leaving me in just my shirt and underwear as I attempted to get as comfortable as I could given the circumstances. I wouldn't be leaving that room again for the rest of the day. I'd buzz down in the morning for breakfast if I felt the need but for now... for now I needed the night to try and organize my thoughts and suffocate my fears into the box in the back of my mind where they belonged.

The next time I saw Heathers parents, or anyone in this house for that matter, I would be prepared. I wouldn't be a squabbling, pathetic mess, too scared and weak to fight back. I'd hold my chin high, shield their nightmarish words with the walls I'd become to accustomed to over the years, and show them exactly what kind of person they invited into their lives.

That's why I decided it was pointless to give into the reality of my fears, because if I had any say about it, my fears would never come even remotely close to touching my reality. I would not submit to them or their clients. I would not be used and enslaved like they planned. No.

I would die before it ever came to that.

Hours passed by and even as I tried to will myself to sleep, sleep eluded me at every turn, leaving me to stare up at the blank ceiling with nothing but my thoughts as entertainment.

And entertaining they were.

I'd thought of everything from if I would die, to how would I want to die, how I wouldn't want to die to who I would want to kill me, what I'd want done with my body, and even how I would want Charlotte and Dominic to find out.

Death had consumed many hours of my thoughts ever since my mom's funeral. I found myself wondering the day of her funeral when I would see her again, assuming it would be years and years down the road and only if a Heaven truly did exist- Which I still had my doubts about. However, I never imagined I'd be in my current predicament and the chance of seeing my mom much sooner rather than later was now a real possibility. 

An unexpected sound coming from the door ripped me from my morbid thoughts as I sprung up on the bed, readying to face the intruder. I wouldn't be caught off guard again in this house.

The door opened and in stepped the first man that I had encountered here, the younger man who'd told me I was less than human.

Fuck this guy.

His eyes found me rather quickly on the bed, rolling into the back of his head and it seemed he was just as pleased to see me as I was him.

"Get up. There's food downstairs."

"I'm good. Thanks." I was not at all thankful- merely spiteful.

"You need to eat."

"And you need to leave."

"Christ, you're stubborn." He moved into the room regardless of what I'd just said, holding a pile of what looked like women's clothes draped over one of his arms.

"Look, I don't care if you plan to starve yourself to death or whatever- You certainly wouldn't be the first girl to try that." Holy shit. "But Claudia gave you these clothes to wear to the Line up tomorrow so," he tossed the pile of clothing on the bed. "Go nuts."

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