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To Betray With The Truth

Third Person POV

Night has come to Tokyo. Everyone are asleep as the current hour is 1 AM, no one who is to be respected is awake except from one lonely woman, her eyes were closed but her conscience was awake, her body was not moving but her heart was aching and beating as fast as it could, not in happiness though, she was becoming desperate.

She was on her side of a big bed in the middle of a gigantic room, she was the only one in a home that was bigger than the one she lived when she was young, obviously her mind make sure of remembering that.

All she could think was the state of her wife, where could she be? Is she alight? What is she doing at this hour?

All she could know was that (Y/N) isn't one to be home late, actually she is the one that is usually here first. So what could be happening during these days that is making her to arrive this late.

Fortunately for her mind, the door of the room opened carefully and some steps that made their best to be quiet echoed in the room. Since Mari was facing her back to the door, she couldn't see who it was but the simple essence of that girl was enough for her. She heard clothes being thrown to the floor and then the covers being lifted. An arm spooned her figure as her back felt the exposed skin of her lover.

Immediately, Mari turned around and cuddled her lover with all of her forces as (Y/N) petted her head. "Why are you awake so early in the morning?" (Y/N) smiled.

"Waiting for you, Idiot~!" Mari buried her face on the chest of her lover breathing the essence that calmed her. "Where were you?"

(Y/N) took her time to answer. "It's a secret~" She said with a teasing smile trying to avoid the topic. Mari decided not to react at this, even though she found odd that she was hiding something from her. "Let's sleep"

Time skip: The Next Night

Your POV

I sighed again as I rubbed my hands together, the fresh breeze from autumn is starting to feel in Tokyo while I'm here in the cold night waiting for that someone to appear...

"(Y/N)" I heard and turned my look at the girl who is taking all of my nights as of recently. "Sorry for the lateness"

"Don't worry Amelie" Her smiled shone as she grabbed my hand guiding me to where we'll spend the night. Oddly enough, I felt like being observed but that feeling just went away the moment we started walking, it must have been my imagination.

Suddenly, my hand was dragged to the inside of an alley along with my body, the next thing I felt was my back against the wall and the next thing I see...

...A knife stabbed on the wall beside me.

"What is taking you so long (Y/N)? I thought you were the best in acquiring information" Amelie held the knife beside my head as she looked at me with a cold glare.

"You are asking for too much in so little time, the information you want is from the most influent man in Japan's government" Amelie laughed at my statement.

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