Cheating! Nishikino Maki x Yazawa Nico

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Bunch Of Lies

Third Person POV

"Nico, open the door!" From outside the little girl's apartment, a ruckus was being made. A red headed shouting at her, begging for forgiveness as Nico sat with her back leaned on the door, hugging her knees and crying just wondering what went wrong...

Time back: The Day Before

"Who told you that I would want a parfait?!" They were both walking with their hands intertwined, well, now they were stopped in front of a parfait truck in the middle of the park after Maki suggested that they should get one.

"If you don't want then I won't give you one" Maki said and separated her hand from Nico's. Immediately, Nico started to feel guilty and a little lonely and decided to stop Maki by holding her from her sleeve.

Maki stopped and looked behind her at a slightly blushing Nico. "I'm going with you" Nico said in a low voice, Maki only nodded and decided to grabbed Nico's hand again to go to the parfait truck.

"A big strawberry parfait, please, two spoons" Maki got her money out of her school bag and waited for her parfait and payed once she grabbed it. Nico looked confused at her and followed her until they sat on a bench near the truck. "Go on" Maki extender the parfait to Nico with the two spoons thrusted in it.

"B-But I didn't want one" Nico said looking at her lap.

"We've been dating for months now, I know you are lying" Maki said grabbing one of the spoon and taking some of the parfait for then putting it on her mouth.

Nico nodded and grabbed the other spoon starting to eat the parfait. "S-So..." Nico said between spoons.

Maki looked at her. "Yes?"

"F-For our date tomorrow..." Nico looked at Maki with a blushing face. "W-Where are we going?"

"About that..." Maki looked away. "...My parents requested my presence tomorrow"

"B-But..." Nico tried to talk but decided not to, for once she didn't want to fight with Maki.

"I'm sorry" Maki said and continue eating the parfait followed by Nico who only nodded.

Time skip: The Next Day

Today, Nico decided to dress herself nicely in her casual clothes, since she has been bragging about this date with her family during an entire week, she just couldn't go and say that she is staying home, her pride wouldn't let her take that decision.

But since she has no one to spend the day with, she decided to just go to the park and to sit on a bench in there seeing all the happy couples walking by. It was sad for her but she understood the world Maki was, that she is an important girl and that sometimes she needs to make sacrifices.

One couple really distracted her though, it was a red-headed and a brown-haired lady with red glasses. She stared at them as they passed in front of her without them noticing, they were holding hands and laughing as they walked with a smile. Nico saw them walking away until they stopped some meters away. The brown-haired girl pulled her partner to her delivering her a kiss on the lips, Nico wanted to see the face of that partner since it resulted familiar but the head of the brown-haired was in between.

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