Toujou Nozomi x Sister! Female! Reader (Lemon)

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Warning: Incest and Sexual Content, you know, the usual ====


Apple Of Eden

Your POV


Her hands intertwined themselves on my hair as my back hit the wall with great force, both of our lips dancing at the same time.

Something I can't contain is building inside me, it's a strong and intoxicating feeling that her sweet and tender lips make that feeling to travel every inch of my body infecting it with pleasure and lewd desires.

Inside of this apartment, we are both going to finally surrender to our wishes...


It was a sunny day, a normal one if you may say. We both were adding the final touches to our appearance in the bathroom in front of the mirror. I specially was looking at myself in the mirror trying to see if there were any imperfections on my third-year Otonokizaka uniform.

As far I see, none. Neither on my face, let's double check, shall we?

"You are always hogging the mirror" My sister, Nozomi, appeared from behind me and surrounded my figure with her arms, both of us looking into each other emerald eyes through the mirror. "You are beautiful~"

I couldn't help but to blush at her words. Immediately, I turned around in her embrace and grabbed her hips pulling her closer to me.

"So are you~" She smiled at my words and buried her face on the crook of my neck, surely hiding her blushing.

Nozomi and I, we have a very particular relationship, we are lovers, as well as blood-sisters, that's the main reason we moved out of home, for being free to be ourselves in closed-doors.

You may think is disgusting but as for me, it's something as any other relationship but stronger since she is my sister, I can trust her with my life and as she is my lover, I can show her how much I loved her without limitations.

"We are running late" She separated from my neck and looked at me planting a peck on my lips for then dragging me out of the bathroom.


It didn't last long until we were over our shared bed, both of us now in our underwear. Still, I can't separate from her lips, they are my favorite flavor in the world, her texture is so addicting but something challenges it. My hands travelled through my sister's back since she was on top of me, touching every inch of her exposed skin until stopping at her clothed butt squeezing it with my hands earning a soft moan from her.

In revenge, her hands caressed my clothed breasts before rising my bra and groping them as she always did.


"You and Nozomi-san surely love each other a lot" That question surprised both of us during our lunch. Nozomi was in front of me using the chair in front of my desk as I used mine. The question came from one of our classmates, Miki-san.

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