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Unexpected Weakness

Third Person POV

Burglaries have occurred all around Uchiura, worst thing of all is that no one is a suspect, it leaves no trail and no clues to be found, is like a ghost.

Worst thing is that, it only steals from rich families. The only one left that hasn't been attacked was Ohara's household. Maybe is because that household is extremely guarded and full of traps for the burglars, it's worse than infiltrating Fort Knox.

But, Aqours has come to an idea to capture the burglar. Mari completely deactivated the security systems without anyone knowing and every one of Aqours reunited on the living room and slept in there in case that the burglar gets violent they can retain them by the force of numbers.

But how is the burglar going to know? Or what tells them that it's going to come? I said they have a plan, I didn't say perfect.

Now, the night has fallen over Uchiura, the one girls form the school idol group sleep one beside each other trying to feel the security from each other. Ruby is tightly hold unto Dia, Mari to Kanan, Yoshiko to Riko, Chika to Yō and Hanamaru to one the pillows Mari gave to them.

Unknown to them, the danger has already started...

One peculiar form entered into the big house, one of girl with cat ears over her head and wearing a tight black cat suit for extra mobility. She could easily camouflage herself into the dark halls from the mansion and her steps were as quiet as the wind.

She has previously studied the house she knows its rooms and halls like the palm of her hand, what she didn't knew is where the jackpot was. She didn't even know what form has or even if it's an object or is a lot of money stored in a safe box.

Maintaining her steps as light as she could, she advanced through the house being careful to not trigger anything else or to alert someone of her presence. Her eyes traveled through lots of objects that looked expensive, but nothing that shouted for millions of yens.

Slowly, her patience started to deteriorate as he didn't find what she wanted, for her, this was a wasted opportunity. She is not going to let it slide yet, she is going to recover. She decided to travel to the living room and looked at the eight sleeping girls.

She had to stop her little giggle because of how cute they all looked. In her eyes, Hanamaru was now hugging Yō tightly while the others remained the same. Her eyes traveled from the girls to the objects around her until they stopped in a vase made with pure gold and gems just in the middle of the living room.

Her excitement made her silly, her steps moved between the girls without thinking that there was an extra futon. When she made it to the vase, she held it high in the air about to shout and remembered the situation she was in.

But it was stopped by one single touch right to her stomach. The feeling travelled through all of her body before she let the vase to fall on the floor making a lot of noise and waking everyone up.

All of the sleeping girls now sat up in their futons and saw the silhouette in the center of all of them paralyzed before it fell on its knees.

"What do you think you are doing?!" The silhouette shouted looking at the one who touched her, Chika.

Immediately, Mari clapped and the lights all around the room turned on giving everyone a direct look to the burglar. Her (Y/HC) flowed freely and her (Y/EC) shone in anger towards Chika.

"I-I thought you were Yoshiko-chan..." Chika scratched her nape.

"It's Yohane!" Yoshiko exclaimed by pure nature.

"Chika" Dia said signaling to the burglar. "She is the one we are looking for"

Chika was confused until she remembered her objective. "That's right! Freeze!" Chika exclaimed while signaling to the burglar.

Then, the burglar understood the situation she was in and looked to the floor lowering her ears in sadness. Oddly enough, Hanamaru didn't fear to get close and poked the burglar beside her stomach. In reaction she paralyzed again. Hanamaru took notice of this and started poking her all around her stomach, the burglar couldn't do more than start laughing and to threw herself to the floor.

Chika thought it was funny and started to do it to, it wasn't much time until everyone decided to join in for a little punishment to the criminal.

"S-Stop it!" The burglar said between laughs and some tears escaping from her eyes.

"What's your name?" Kanan asked still with everyone poking her stomach.

"(Y-Y/N)!" (Y/N) exclaimed again. Then, everyone stopped poking her and this time concentrated their eyes to the cat ears above her. Ruby was the brave on who touch them. "Pur~" (Y/N) said at the touch of someone touching her ears.

Everyone blushed at her sound while Mari smirked. "Girls~ Why don't we make her our little pet?" They looked at Mari in surprised but still thinking about her proposal.

(Y/N) immediately sat up and saw at Mari with an extreme blushing face. "I-I-I'm not a pet!"

After that cute reaction, everyone nodded at Mari's proposal. It's going to be a long life for the poor (Y/N)...

Fight and run or stay and enjoy, which would you have chosen?

At the end of the day we can't be completely sure about the answer since we don't know what is going to happen, we just can't predict the future...

Sadly the answers to all my questions change over time...

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