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Teasing Feeling

Third Person POV

"What's gotten into Honoka?" Eli asked when she saw the brown-haired girl chasing around a guy wearing Betsunokikai's uniform at the entrance of Otonokizaka.

"Isn't it obvious?" Kotori asked Eli with an innocent smile. "She loves him"

"S-Shameless!" Umi put both of her hands on her ears and started repeating that words all over again.

"She must be passing it bad, it looks like the guy doesn't like her" Nico sighed and crossed her arms looking at the pair running around.

"It isn't like that" Nozomi corrected Nico. "If it was, why would he come to Otonokizaka knowing she is going to be all over him"

The girls looked at Nozomi and then at the pair running around, this time they were smiling hoping for Honoka to discover his feelings while Umi, well, she continues being Umi.

Your POV

"(Y/N)-kun! I love you!" That girl is seriously going to kill me of a heart attack, she keeps repeating those words and every time she does I get all happy and become a blushing mess and then I remember that she is playing around.

"H-H-Honoka, stop saying that..." Also, she always tries to kiss me, like now, she is trying to get near me with her eyes opened as I try to get away from her.

"Don't run away, I want to kiss you!" Honoka said launching unto me trying to tackle me but I dodge it, fortunately for her she managed to maintain her balance and didn't fell to the ground. After that, she looked at me. "Why can't I kiss you?!"

"B-B-Because you only do that to the person you love" I explained her and she started to fidget with her fingers.

"I've said that I love you lots of times" Honoka looked at me with a smile.

"S-Stop playing around" I looked away in embarrassment.

"I'm not playing around!" She exclaimed surprising me and making me look at her. "How can I prove it?!"

"Y-Y-You can't Honoka" I answered putting my hands in front of me. "I-In the first place, why would you f-f-f-fall in love with me?"

"Because you gave me bread!" She said as if it was the most important thing in the world.

"T-That is not an acceptable reason" I said with a sweat drop on my head.

"It is if Umi-chan threatens you!" I remember, she and someone else in her group were on a diet and I casually encountered Honoka looking through the window of my family bakery. I thought she looked like a lost cat so I gave her part of what was left of the day, that's when we encountered Sonoda-san who threatened me for not giving bread to Honoka, when she turned around I put the bread inside Honoka's pocket without anyone noticing and entered into the bakery.

"I-I won't day that she looked terrifying but..." I smiled gently at Honoka. "I-It's still isn't enough for you to fall in love with me"

"Let's go on a date!" Honoka exclaimed out of nowhere.

"Y-Y-You weren't listening to me" I sighed and looked at the excited face from Honoka. "I-I'm not available in the afternoons" I answered.

"Then accompany me home!" She immediate grabbed my wrist and started to drag me through the sidewalk.

I sighed again and let her do what she wanted, nothing ca possibly go wrong right?

Time skip: Minutes Later

"We are here!" Honoka signaled to the candy store in front of us.

"S-See you later then" I got free from her grip and was about to walk away and go to my family bakery but she immediately grabbed me from the wrist again.

"Wait!" I blushed a little at the sudden contact and exclamation. "Before you go..." I felt my hand being pulled making me to lean towards her as she did the same to me. Seconds after I could feel her lips against mine.

That was the moment when all of my brain functions started to fail and my thinking process became a mess not being able to process what is happening.

When Honoka separated from me, she looked into my eyes with a smile and with a light blush on her cheeks she said. "I love you!"

I fainted at the end, she was telling the truth all along...

Love can be disguised many ways, some of them prove to be cruel and some of them prove to be effective. Taking the Love into Friendship or treat it as a Joke and you will suffer, take Love as a matter of life or death and you will prevail...

...So tell me, how do you treat Love?

Time skip: Ten Years Later

"Thank you! Come back soon!" I said goodbye to one of our regular customers in the store. Time after Honoka and I married, we fused both of our stores and now is a candy shop/bakery , we are still working on the name...

"How's it going?" I heard Honoka's voice and then a crunch coming from the door of the kitchen.

When I turned to look at her I saw her carrying lot of bread in a bag while eating one. "Stop eating the product!" I exclaimed and only gained a shy smile from her.

"Shall I eat you instead?" My face travelled through all the red palette until stopping at the darkest one.

"A-A-A-And stop saying t-t-t-those kind of things!"

Treat it however you want but take in consideration that if Love doesn't like being treated as you do...

...It is not going to reward you

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