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Reality Over Artificiality

Your POV

Why do I have to hide? Why do I have to bring my PSP to the beach to be able to play? Just why can't my parents respect what I like?

I sighed as I continued pushing the buttons and moving the joystick around. As of now, I'm playing a fantasy RPG trying to defeat one of the most difficult bosses included in the last update. Of course, I was one of the best players around and surely I'm a lone wolf when I come to play, you can say that I'm like the White Lady from that anime. But being the best player doesn't necessarily means that I have defeated all the bosses, I have two or three left, but it means to be able to kill them alone.

Since some of them have their respective strategies and mechanics that require a party to defeat them, I have to be creative and think of a way to defeat them.

Just now, the HP of the boss was inn red zone while mine was in green, unfortunately its attack pattern changes into a full combo that doesn't stop until killing you. I need to be careful!

Immediately, a slight breeze passed through the sand and sent it towards my eyes completely blinding me. I let the PSP to fall on the sand as I put my hands over my eyes. "It burns!" I swiped the sand from my eyes as soon as possible ignoring irritated feeling of them and grabbed my PSP again seeing the screen now black with big red letters on it, YOU DIED. "Crap!"

I leaned my back completely on the wall behind me and saved my PSP back in the beach bag I have to bring with me for hiding it of my parents. I even have to wear a swimsuit every time I come her, of course, I wear a white blouse over it.

"Is someone here?" A head perked up from the railing above my head. When I looked up to meet the one that just discovered me I blushed madly and widened my eyes.

"N-N-No!" I exclaimed answering the question of my orange-haired crush, Takami Chika. Either way, I was just in front of her so maybe answering her question wasn't my best move.

"(Y/N)-chan!" She smiled and walked backwards making her head to disappear from my sight. Then, she ran to the stairs to the beach, got her feet into the sand and ran towards me. "What are you doing?"

"N-Nothing" I looked away from her trying not to make eye contact.

"But you are in the beach, how can you do nothing?" Chika asked me making my blush to grow in intensity.

"W-What are you doing here?" I asked her.

"You are in the beach in front of my family's inn..." She scratched her nape as my head clicked and I remembered that she was correct. "Oh!" She clapped her hands surprising me and making me look towards her. "You came here to hang out with me in the beach!" I tried to deny it but no words came out of my mouth and my head was paralyzed so I couldn't shake it. "Wait for me here! I'm going for my swimsuit!" And she ran away...

Wait! I can't stay here! If she comes and plays with me then I'll have to take off my blouse and then she will see them! My scars, she will totally think bad of me, she will think that I like to be hit or worse, she will discover the truth and she will call the police for my parents and then I'll have to stay with my Aunt in Tokyo! I will totally disappear from Uchiura and if that wasn't bad, my Aunt is worse than my parents!

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