Toujou Nozomi x Sonoda Umi

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Warning: Light Sexual Content


Too Shameless

Third Person POV

"Umicchi!" Nozomi surprised the poor blue-haired archery by her back surrounding her figure with her arms and groping her breasts as hard as she could.

"Nozomi!" Umi broke free from her girlfriend's grasp while covering her breasts with her arms, her face was a shred as a tomato and her legs were trembling because of the nervousness travelling throughout her body.

Fortunately for the both of them, they were left alone in the rooftop so Nozomi could harass Umi without any worries and Umi wouldn't have to pretend that she didn't like it. It was good though, they were actually very in love with each other, no one saw that coming, not even Nozomi neither Umi. Even the confession for that couple was a little odd, Umi was the one that confessed her feelings while they were alone in the clubroom, she fainted after saying them of course and lost the face of happiness Nozomi put when she heard Umi's words echoing through the room. Of course, she needed to answer to the confession so as soon as Umi woke up, Nozomi said the same words Umi did making the poor girl to faint again.

"What should we do?" Nozomi sat on the floor with her back on the railing of the rooftop. Umi was about to seat beside her but Nozomi stopped her. "What do you think you are doing?" Umi looked confused at Nozomi who had an innocent smile. Nozomi then patted her lap. "Here"

"I-I w-won't do that!" Umi exclaimed. Nozomi had to put a sad face and looked at her lap.

"I see..." Nozomi acted sad making Umi to feel guilty. With a loud sigh, Umi sat on Nozomi's lap trying to ignore all the shameless thoughts rallying through her head. What she didn't expect was for Nozomi to embrace her figure from the back and to push her breasts on Umi's back.

"N-Nozomi" Umi's thought started going to the most darkest of places and her face shout all of her now lewd intentions with that bright re face that rivaled the pianist hair.

"Yes?~" Of course, Nozomi knew what was going on but decided to tease her girlfriend a little more so she pulled Umi closer making both of their bodies to completely touch even with the uniform on. Umi turned her head to face Nozomi, her lips were sealed but her eyes gave up all of her intentions. Nozomi took notice and leaned towards Umi's cheek whispering something before it touch. "Shameless" Umi immediately turned her head back to the front and crossed her arms, her blush disappeared and only remained a small taint of red on her cheeks. "Umicchi?" Nozomi called her but Umi remained silent. "Are you mad?"

"No" The short answer from Umi revealed the lie about her current emotional state.

"Then I guess I'll continue to tease you~" Nozomi rested her head on Umi's shoulder.

"No" Nozomi looked at Umi who was looking the other way around. "You always tease me and make a fool of me, even when I'm trying to be honest with what I want"


"Do you even love me?" Umi put a hand to her chest and gripped the ribbon of her uniform. Nozomi widened her eyes at the statement. "You always tease me when I want to be closer with you or when I want to k-k-k-kiss you, it's like you avoid it at any cost"

Nozomi gripped Umi tighter in her embrace and hid her face behind Umi's shoulder. "I get shy as you do..." Umi turned to see Nozomi without being capable of looking at her face. "...I don't know how to kiss someone so I'm afraid I'll do it wrong..." Nozomi got her face out of Umi's shoulder revealing her light red cheeks. "...But if that's affecting you then I'll stop doing it"

"What are you-

Without any warning, Nozomi kissed Umi on her lips trying her best to kiss her. Umi took her time to process the current course of action and at the end she kissed back at the best of her capabilities. The kiss from both of them was sloppy, full of mistakes from both of them but they like it, no, they loved it. The kiss slowly grew in passion and inside of the heat of the moment, Nozomi unbuttoned the uniform shirt of Umi and groped her breasts while Umi just let her be with some weak moans coming from as they continued to kiss each other.

"I'm sure I left my bag..." They both stopped when they heard the door of the rooftop being opened and widened their eyes when they saw Honoka at the door with her eyes widened at the sudden +21 scene she saw. The three of her faces became as red as a tomato while Umi opened her mouth trying to talk.


"W-What did I do?!"

Insecurity huh? I wonder, why does it have to be present in everything we do? Why does it have to torture us whenever we want to do something with all of our Heart?

No, I'm wrong, why do we have to torture ourselves? Why can't just be brave and face whatever comes in our way?

It's difficult, facing everything like you don't even care about it, like you are not afraid, as if nothing can stop you or break you while in reality, you are as broken as everyone else.

But doing that, is it a characteristic of someone who is Brave?

Or of someone who is a Fool?

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